Amazing Conditions | A bonus every six months at Rablab

The 32 employees of the web marketing agency Rablab receive a bonus twice a year. Regardless of whether they have achieved their goals or not, they are guaranteed a sum. “It ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the percentage of goals achieved,” says President Jean-Philippe Dauphinais. That’s very rare in our industry because agencies don’t make much profit. »

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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
The press

Over the past four years, 3% of the company’s gross revenues have been allocated to these bonuses, split between the nine directors (1.5%) and the rest of the staff (1.5%), excluding the two co-founders of the agency. “We don’t take anything,” says Jean-Philippe Dauphinais.

Since 2019, an average of 100,000 US dollars has been paid out annually. Even the pandemic hasn’t made up for those sums.

How much will the employees get next time? The company is targeting a cash inflow of around 3.6 million for 2022… But who says more contracts in many cases mean more people to hire, a sum that needs to be shared more, right? “When we add people, we want it to be as efficient as possible,” answers Jean-Philippe Dauphinais. When you hire the bonus goes down a bit but it is meant to generate more volume in the long run. »

Rewards are delivered in the summer and after the holidays, shortly after employee evaluation. “It falls well after spending on summer vacations and Christmas gifts, costly periods for consumers,” notes Jean-Philippe Dauphinais. Twice a year is more appealing to employees and gives time to sit down and take stock of the health of the company to review what has been promised. »

benefits for the chain

Rablab co-founder and partner Nicolas Rabouille are evolving in an industry where, unsurprisingly, young talent is drawn to a plethora of job opportunities. Even with an average salary of $67,000, he can keep his eye on the competition’s golden covers.

We have come to a crossroads. We’re asked why we don’t increase salaries…the bonus doesn’t count! People don’t necessarily see all of the compensation. Recently we went to the vote and 80% of the employees said ‘we’ll keep the bonus’ while 20% wanted more compensation.

Jean Philippe Dauphinais

The President announces that the bonus comes in addition to a number of material and non-material benefits: the four-day week introduced at the beginning of summer, a chalet (Rablodge) where employees can take a week off each month, the free one Gym , the BIXI bike pass, a home furniture budget, an attractive office near Montreal’s Jean Talon market, group insurance with telemedicine…

The co-founders have bought a piece of land in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez on which a prefabricated PRO-FAB chalet will stand. “Since it won’t be delivered until March 2023, we’ve partnered with a chalet rental site to be able to use it before then,” says Mr. Dauphinais. It takes us out of the work context, it mixes work and pleasure. The employees go there on a voluntary basis. »

The benefits package explains the company’s low turnover rate, according to its president. “It’s 9%,” he says, while the industry average is 40%, according to a study by A2C (Association of Creative Communication Agencies).

“Working conditions are a top priority,” adds Jean-Philippe Dauphinais. Nicolas and I have very different business experiences. I have always had fair and reasonable employers. Nicholas, no. In our service business, 77% of spending is on our people, our natural resource. Why not deal with what costs us the most throughout the year as best we can. »

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