That’s why Sylvain Cossette doesn’t plan to release any more albums

It was during an interview with Patrice Bélanger at sweet salty that singer Sylvain Cossette is open about his musical future and that this one doesn’t contain a new album.

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In fact, during an interview on the water, the spouse of Andre Watter spoke these days about the reality of the music industry in Québec. He took the opportunity to say that he has no plans to release a new album anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean he’s retiring, quite the opposite.

By the way, the singer-songwriter wants to write for other artists or just for a soundtrack on the small or big screen.

“I write for others, when I have commissions, I agree. I love that. See, I recently wrote for a TV series, a song called A mare for you my darling. A humorous song. And I was super happy to get an order for it. It was fun. When I have assignments, I feel like writing,” he told the host.

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He also took the trouble to mention his gratitude for the accomplished artist that he is:

“I’ve fought my whole life as a singer, as an artist, to get my place. Tsé, we are always trying to reinvent ourselves because currents change, fashions change. Worse, sometimes you tell yourself, “I don’t feel like following the new stream or new fad, but I’d love to keep doing shows my friend Matt Lawrence, we’ve been making music together for 17 years. And before the curtain rose, we both looked at each other and said, “We’re still here.” Despite all the styles, all of that changed our music, and it’s through the shows that I take my foot”.

Recall that Sylvain Cossette has been a proud grandfather for a few months, like his daughter, the singer Beth CosetteShe gave birth to her first child, Baby Billy Cossette-Nantaislast January.

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