Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite lives a sweet love story with Steven

For the last two years, life has been very generous for Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite. In 2020, she welcomed her son William, who made her discover an incomparable love. Then the singer also offered online singing lessons in light of the pandemic. In the course of time it is a real music school that she has built up and which she enjoys a lot. She also met Steven Levac last year. A man who shares her passion for music and brings her everything she needs.

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Elizabeth, we meet you today with your lover Steven Levac. Tell us about your new happiness.
The love I feel for him is incredible. In life we ​​go through all kinds of things, happy moments and difficult ones. There are also times when we feel comfortable with someone on our X, and that’s the case with Steven. I hope to spend my life with this man. I really found the rare pearl. People who know our history greet us by calling us “lovers” and telling us we are beautiful… I feel like I’m living a dream. It’s also a lot of work on yourself, because you simply have to accept being happy and tell yourself that you have the right to be happy.

What do you like most about Stefan?
I trust this man. He has great intelligence and he makes me laugh. This is an aspect that has always been important to me, because my father is a very funny person.

However, the bar was set high!
(laughs) Yes, my father is such an extraordinary person! Steven brings me humor, safety and comfort. He understands me and guides me. With his experience he can show me the way, that calms me down. That gives me confidence in myself and my projects.

Photo: Dominic Gouin

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In what context did you meet him?
We didn’t plan to fall in love. It was love at first sight. We had a project together: I had to sing a few lines of his song give me another drink, a single played on country radio. I ended up doing the whole song with him. As I watched him sing in the studio, I wondered what was in my heart… It was instantaneous. After that we confided in each other and he told me that he felt something too. Even our colleagues have noticed that something is going on between us. We knew each other for less than an hour!

However, it is magical.
yes it’s crazy It really exists. In mid-June we celebrated our first year together. I knew immediately it was him. I had never met a man like him. He’s so charismatic, grounded, calming, charming. That’s what first struck me about him. He is a real estate agent, he works hard and is very present for his clients. He also makes music and it’s grown. His songs are on the radio and I accompany him on his shows with the musicians from The Box, who have teamed up tape Country called Ricochet. They’re friends of Steven’s and I’m honored to play with one of them bands most popular of the 1980s.

Photo: Dominic Gouin

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So with Steven you share your passion for music…
Yes, and that connects us. We have a music room with all sorts of instruments. We often jam together. It’s really nice to be able to share that.

After all, it is a period of renewal for you.
Yes, and I see that one should never give up… I believe a lot in the universe: when we project things, they come back to us. When we maintain both good energy and a positive attitude, beautiful things happen to us, generally surprisingly. Most of the time you couldn’t even guess how beautiful it could be.

Are you still extremely fulfilling in your life as a mother?
Yes. William is so handsome and smart! He picks things up quickly. When he started talking, it’s even nicer. I understand the words he says and thanks to the language we connect differently. Hearing her say little words to me is so adorable! Although his personality was already evident, I have identified him even more since he began to speak. I think he’s wonderful and I’m totally in love with my son. I am sure he will become a musician… He has rhythm and as soon as I sing him a song he stops and listens to me. When he gets upset, I sing and see him react to the music. It must be said that with the genetics he inherited, it’s entirely possible that he could become a musician…

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William turned two in June. Feel that he initiated the period of Terrible two?
It sure hasn’t happened yet. Everyone asks me about it, but I don’t feel anything else. If that’s going to happen sometime since he’s a cute kid I’m not worried.

Their little William celebrated his two-year birthday last June.

Photo: Personal Collection

Their little William celebrated his two-year birthday last June.

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In addition to your motherhood, you have built up your music school in recent years…
I originally created it to give some lessons during the pandemic, but eventually, with all the singers out of work, I added teachers to the team. There are now eight singing teachers, but also drums, drums, piano and guitar. I am currently looking for bass and violin teachers. In fact, I didn’t know I was building a school! It flourished over time. I am very close to my students, they become like friends. The lessons are personalized. I realized once again that things work by following my instincts. I got a lot of advice from my lover.

Do you have other projects besides school?
Yes, I give shows with a tape Girls: the All Star Girl Band. I asked my dad to be on the show with me and he’s on my shows now. It’s so cool! I also asked him to collaborate on my other projects. I’m on the Dan Bigras Tour and will be hosting shows with my mom over the holidays.

Photo: Marie-eve Phaneuf / Agency QMI

“My mother taught me to sing and my father taught me the attitude you need to have on stage and towards the team and the people,” emphasizes Elizabeth. They have shared the stage more than once. Among other things, in July 2013, when Normand Brathwaite and his daughter presented the Belle et Bum concert at the Mondial des cultures in Drummondville.

It’s a privilege to be able to share these moments with your parents!
Yes. My mother taught me to sing, my father taught me the attitude you have to have on stage and towards the team and the people. My parents told me all their secrets to a good career. Inviting them to my projects and seeing how they react to what I’m doing really touches me. I have the feeling that I succeeded because my parents are proud of me… I also have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. I’ve always been very close to Marie-Claude, but since I’ve had William we’ve spoken to each other every day. Our bond is very strong. I see everyone gathering around William, it’s nice to see.

In 2020, Johanne Blouin took part in a photo shoot with her daughter, who became a mother, on our pages.

Photo: Dominic Gouin

In 2020, Johanne Blouin took part in a photo shoot with her daughter, who became a mother, on our pages.

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Elizabeth’s School offers online singing and music lessons for everyone, whether for fun or for a career. Visit his Facebook page Ebbsing courses online. For her performances with the All Star Girl Band, check out productionscaroline.com.

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