Britney Spears’ sons don’t want to see her anymore, explains father Kevin Federline

For almost 10 years, Kevin Federline has been raising his sons away from the media spotlight. Britney Spears’ ex-husband finally breaks the silence.

Britney Spears’ life is definitely one of endless twists and turns. Freed from her guardianship for nine months now, the singer is enjoying her new life far from the restrictions imposed on her for 13 years: a sumptuous wedding to Sam Asghari celebrated in June, several trips, a move to a new one Villa in Los Angeles … But the happiness will have been short-lived. The pop star is set for a confidential interview with her ex-husband Kevin Federline today.

Pending the broadcast of this interview on the ITV news channel in a few days, the Daily Mail revealed several excerpts on Saturday 6 August. Passages in which Kevin Federline asserts that the two children he shares with Britney Spears, Preston and Jayden (16 and 15), have decided to distance themselves from their mother. “The boys have decided not to see her for the time being. You haven’t seen her in a few months. They made the decision not to go to their wedding,” explains the former dancer, who shared the life of the pop princess between 2004 and 2007.

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Britney Spears (pregnant) and Kevin Federline in Hollywood in 2005.


According to the 44-year-old American, the guardianship placed on Britney Spears by her father Jamie “saved her.” But the media unpacking around that tutelage would have had repercussions for Preston and Jayden. “It was all hard to see, harder to live with, seeing my boys go through it was harder than anything. It was hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

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When he insists that Preston and Jayden love their mother, Kevin Federline explains that it’s not easy for her to see her posing naked on social media: “I’m trying to explain to them, ‘Listen, it might just be another way for her to express herself.” But that doesn’t take away what it’s doing to them. It’s hard. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a teenager who has to go to high school,” he adds, who rebuilt his life with a volleyball player with whom he had two daughters in 2011 and 2014.

“One word: hurtful”

Shortly after these excerpts aired, Britney Spears took to her Instagram account to respond. The 40-year-old star shared her sadness “to hear that her ex-husband has decided to open up about his relationship with his children”: “As we all know, raising teenagers is never easy for anyone… The fact that i’m worried this is based on my instagram, it was way before instagram. I gave them everything. One word: hurtful. I will say it, my mother told me: “You should give her to her father”. I’m sharing this because I can… Have a great day guys!!!”

What comes after this ad?

What comes after this ad?

Britney Spears responds to ex-husband Kevin Federline's interview  August 6, 2022 on Instagram.

Britney Spears responds to ex-husband Kevin Federline’s interview August 6, 2022 on Instagram.


Sam Asghari has also repeatedly published a long message on Instagram to defend his famous wife. According to him, she’s never posted any nude photos other than pics of her butt, “which is pretty common these days.” The 28-year-old sports coach and comedian then adds: “His statement about distancing children is not valid and making that statement public is irresponsible. The boys are very smart, they will soon be 18 to make their own decisions and may eventually realize that the ‘hard’ part was having a father who hasn’t done much modeling for over 15 years has worked.”

Sam Asghari further suggests that Kevin Federline speaks up just as his sons are on the verge of gaining independence. “I don’t know him personally and I have nothing against him except that he chose to smear my wife. His personality is revealed in his approval of the cruel guardianship of 13 years.

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