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If it were us who had an advance of 30 cents on their dollar, would Americans be so kind? Yes I am sure.

Do you know other people who throw themselves in the elevator in the morning without knowing you? Good morning, Have a good time or some Look out lusty? They are the only ones doing this on earth. is it sincere We dont care. It’s polite, friendly, and it clears the silly air.

Just got back from two days in Quebec where visitors come from all over. On the Grande Allée it is just as bubbling, splendid and teeming as on Cartier or in the Vieux.

The Mosaïcultures are breaking attendance records and the crazy-priced hotels are full. From Canada Where from the United Statesthe beautiful tourists have the impression of being in Europe and they are not mistaken.

How beautiful is this city, this all too charming exception in North America, even if you can’t afford the Château Frontenac. Seven hundred little dollars a night is quite something, the Magnificent would say.

Quebec even has some nice big repair spots with bouquets of orange cones so Montrealers don’t feel too out of place. It’s not the end, is it?


Even if Quebec’s new motto is “We are hiring”, the service remains cotton. Quebecers in Quebec know how to welcome with exclusivity and class, and I’m sure Europeans, Asians, Africans or South Americans will feel spoiled. It shows in her face. Are you interested in our history? bof!

Do you really want to know how Wolfe got here? postponed Montcalm on the Plains? Pantout. The artifacts are there, the ancient cannons give a good idea of ​​what happened, and there really isn’t anyone here to tell. Seventy cents in the piasse, let’s say we’re nice!

Come back and don’t forget your credit card. Have a good time.


  • A cyclist asks himself in front of the ballot box: “Does PQ mean peloton de queue? »
  • Start of the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix and already registered a complaint from Saint-Lambert.
  • From Luc Dionne: It is so sad in my family that our family tree is a weeping willow.
  • After the completion of the work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel, it will be inaugurated by Canadian veteran Juraj Slafkovsky.
  • Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Marco EL Mendicino, assures that his government will take all necessary measures during Pope Francis’ visit. (Don’t tell him that the Holy Father has already left.)
  • Due to the staff shortage, a self-service asks you to bring your money to the till. Take your change and give a small broom on the way out.
  • The fox spotted on the ice in Montreal in March was spotted at Les Escoumins yesterday. Y swims in Tabarnouche.
  • 110%It used to be a sports show. Today is an uncrowded emergency.

See you tomorrow at the gym

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