A sensual scene with Lara Fabian in Arlette: the actress and the director tell us about it

Lara Fabian plays a French minister in Mariloup Wolfe’s latest film. Arlette.

The character first had to be male. ” We were looking for the French minister. We even approached super famous French actors [comme Omar Sy, Jean Dujardin], but it wasn’t easy in times of COVID ‘ says the director.

It was actress Maripier Morin who came up with the idea of ​​dressing up for the role. ” Once when we were talking to my agent, who is also my stylist and works with Lara on Star Académie, we said, “What if we offered it to Lara?!”. There I called Mariloup and said: “I have an idea, bear with me”. I told her it was really left and that she had to listen to my pitch. »


You must first know that there is a love scene between the character of Maripier Morin and that of Lara Fabian. The two women find themselves naked in a bed.

Here’s the famous pitch that Maripier did to Morin Mariloup Wolfe. ” There’s the whole rivalry with the finance minister, the frontline scene with his wife talking to him about being the living arts minister and having sex to recharge her batteries. There you create a kind of quartet of dangerous liaisons, who sleeps with whom. I thought that brings a whole different dimension, because you can see that the finance minister is not indifferent to the charm of the French minister. You don’t see it happening. On the other hand, when you put on Jean Dujardin, you quickly understand that it is her [Arlette] will sleep with the French minister. »

The actress talks about her experiences with Lara Fabian. ” She was so wild! I arrived stressed in the morning. I put on my little nipple covers. i freaked out Lara arrived, completely relaxed with nothing. I took everything off because I thought it was stupid to want to hide. […] It was good for me to shoot this scene with Lara. I found her game, I found her beautiful. It was very poetic. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie even though you can see my ass. »

Maripier Morin says this scene made some people in the room blush at the Montreal premiere. ” My father sits in front of me and Mariloup sits behind me with her children!! And then her kids say, “Mom! What is that! Ark! And my father turns around and says: ‘Me neither, I don’t want to see that either!’ Then I said, “Oh, my God, can you stop that!” “.

We strongly encourage you to visit Arlette In the cinema. This magnificent scene shot with great respect and elegance is worth the $15 alone.

The protagonist’s lavish outfits are also a good reason to move around in the dark rooms. Maripier Morin tells us about the looks here.

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