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Hard day for the employees of the important Atelier Ludia. Many of them learned through virtual interviews on Thursday that they would lose their jobs on the spot. Sources speak of many people out of the 400 that the Montreal mobile video game studio has (Jurassic World Alive, Lovelink, Dragons – Rise of Berk).

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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
The press

Jam City, the American company that acquired Ludia in September 2021 for around $175 million, is also seeing layoffs. “It’s almost 200 for all of the group’s offices,” specifies Kristina Cole, spokeswoman for Jam City, in writing The press.

Jam City does not provide the exact number of layoffs at Ludia. “Given the challenging global economy and its impact on the gaming industry, Jam City has made the difficult decision to reduce our team size by approximately 17%,” added Kristina Cole. […] Although Jam City remains profitable, […] This is a necessary step to improve our financial flexibility and operational efficiencies to better position Jam City for long-term growth. »

This also follows a broader reorganization we recently completed to realign our development teams into skill-based gender divisions to optimize performance.

Kristina Cole, spokeswoman for Jam City

Accompanied by The pressLudia President and Founder Alex Thabet said he would be better placed to provide information on the matter this Friday.

The news was brutal for affected employees. “You get up to start your day, like you do every morning, and you’re called to a surprise meeting where you’re told you don’t have a job anymore,” she said The press a quality inspector who declined to give his name for fear of reprisals.

We were informed on Wednesday that the company will be exceptionally closed on Thursday. We felt something was happening. The 5 to 7 had not taken place for a few weeks.

An anonymous quality tester

Most Ludia employees work from home. “We were told that we would receive an email telling us when people would come to pick up our work equipment,” he continues.

“Even if we have a package Departure, it’s difficult to collect because I didn’t see it coming, said another employee, who also asked for anonymity. And the video game project I was working on was promising. It lacks humanity, it’s offensive, but it’s the norm in the video game industry. This is rarely done with tact and respect. »

The latter found out about his dismissal indirectly at 10 a.m. “I tried to connect to my various remote work software but was denied access,” he says.

“In the abyss”

people who have confided in The press also speak of a before – and after – Jam City. “Ludia is the best video game company I’ve ever worked for,” says the same former employee. Since the takeover we have been in a downward trend. We have seen projects canceled and people losing their jobs after cancellations. »

“I haven’t liked the direction since we bought our company,” says a former employee who went into business for herself a few months ago, asking not to be known because she’s looking for another job.

I saw no future there.

An anonymous ex-employee

Ludia was founded in 2007 by Alex Thabet, among others. During an interview with The press, in October 2021, during a visit to his offices, which have been remodeled and enlarged (60,000 square feet) for the post-COVID-19 era, he said, “With Jam City, we are better financially supported. Money doesn’t matter anymore. [L’ancien propriétaire] Unfamiliar with our industry and emphasizing short-term profitability, Fremantle limited our future growth. We spend 10x more with Jam City on our games. »

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