The Cadillac Celestiq makes its first public appearance

Cadillac has searched for years for a creation that would ensure the important role of flag bearer to cement a brand image against its European competition. The luxury automaker uses its electric circuitry and now aims to capture its aura of yesteryear with the Celestiq, a large sedan recently unveiled in near-final form.

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Karl Rene

Karl Rene
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The forthcoming arrival of the Celestiq is a real event in the American automotive world and demonstrates General Motors’ desire to be taken seriously by luxury brands. the Wall Street Journal also said in June that his bill will be around $300,000, according to sources “well versed on the matter.” So it’s Bentley and Rolls-Royce that are being targeted here. However, the technical details of the large sedan are not available for the time being in order to assess the content of this felt offensive.


The pre-production Cadillac Celestiq

Already defined by Cadillac as “the new global standard”, however, it has presented itself in a form that gives a good taste of the paintwork that will be produced. Assembled entirely by hand and customizable as desired, it displays a long profile that obliges heritage. The designers chose the front to maintain a defined grille in contrast to Tesla’s creations which expose nearly closed fronts. The hood remains long and the front wheels pushed forward well. The rear section has a large overhang, breaking with the latest electric models and reminiscent of the golden days of the manufacturer’s large sedans.

The cabin is the sum of a multitude of details that support the status of such a vehicle. Materials are promised to be of high quality, as will assembly, which will take place at GM’s Worldwide Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. Inaugurated by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956, this marks the first time a vehicle has been assembled at this historic site for the American giant. A fully glazed roof and a multimedia system based on a gigantic 55-inch screen that occupies the entire dashboard complete this summary portrait.


The interior of the pre-production Cadillac Celestiq

We’ll learn more about the final product in the coming months. According to that Wall Street Journalproduction could begin in late 2023.

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