The famous “mental health”…

The always subtle Safia Nolin, who took to Instagram to renew her denunciation of Maripier Morin and practically demanded that she be banned from society until the end of time, justified her remarks by saying that two years later she still had his “sanity”. had always marred the events.

The mere presence of Maripier Morin in public space seems to him intolerable.

I obviously have no intention of commenting on Safia Nolin’s mental health. I wouldn’t dare.

I would like to add that I have nothing against this woman of legendary courtesy, even if she called me “the other landlady of Bock-Côté” back in 2019. In her own way, she probably uses such terms to fight against the culture of intimidation of which she claims to be a victim.

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But getting back to basics: Safia Nolin opens up about her mental health.

And I realize that she is not the only one using this argument as a political argument in our debates together. Just a few days ago, young Anglophones mobilized him to oppose Bill 96. Once again her sanity would be questioned. The new French courses they were supposed to take could jeopardize this.

And as soon as we think about it, we find that this argument circulates a lot.

It accompanies several calls for censorship. The awakened youth explains that they cannot hear this or that speech because it weakens them psychologically – they no longer feel safe in the face of ideas that contradict their worldview.

This can be seen as an easy argumentative pirouette. But it can also be taken as a terrible confession.

This generation is the victim of the mental collapse of Western civilization, which today is paying the price every day for the ideas that have captured the imagination of our societies for fifty years.

It is a true ideological revolution that has leveled the western world. We had to deconstruct, deconstruct everything. There was a hypnosis of nothingness.

But the vacuum is unsustainable. Humans need certainties. Even if it means getting lost in a fantasy.

This is perhaps the sociological and philosophical key to understanding the present.

So today the new norm is the one who feels alien to the masculine and the feminine.

Similarly, the illegal migrant becomes the identity and moral norm, and the citizen is made suspicious.


It would also be necessary to definitively reverse our understanding of beauty, of elegance, of freedom.

The younger generation, deeply unhappy, seeks itself without finding itself. And the more fragile she is mentally, the more she takes refuge in bright fanaticism, turning the slightest inconvenience into an unforgivable annoyance.

And we witness a mutation: the young westerner has become a fragile creature.

Richard Martineau is right: our era is that of the little rabbits.

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