The artists betrayed us

On Sunday evening, Joe Bocan, Florence K, Daniel Boucher, Pierre Verville, Roberto Medile, Danielle Oddera and Martin Théberge will gather at Place des Arts to pay tribute to one of our finest singer-songwriters, the late Sylvain Lelievre.

You will sing his greatest hits including What have we made of our dreams?

I would like to ask the artists from Quebec: you, what have you done with the great nationalist dream that inspired, carried away and inflamed you a few years ago?

why did you drop it


Because it is the sad reality: the artists have completely abandoned the national question.

They turned their backs on him.

You are no longer interested.

The defense of the French leaves them cold.

As my friend wrote, where were the artists when the Air Canada boss said you didn’t need to know a word of French to be successful in Quebec?


They didn’t say a word.

And when the Anglo-Canadian columnists take turns spitting ever more egregious, ever more excessive expressions in the face of Quebec; if the writers of National Postout globe and mail and Ottawa citizen Don’t even hide anymore to treat the French-speaking Quebecers by all the names, what are they saying, our brave artists?


Oh, when one of them is insulted on social media by an anonymous netizen who has no power and represents no one but themselves, they stand up as one man (sorry: as a penis owner) and condemn this heinous, shameful act!

But when the entire population of Quebec is being insulted by the Anglo-Canadian elite, there is radio silence.

Guess they’ve become corporatists.

They defend their members, period.

The others, to hell with them.


Artists have become reindeer.

You manage your career.

When they take a public stand, it’s on controversial issues like the future of the planet and racism.

Because it takes courage to say in 2022 that you are for the environment and against racism!

Oh man !

Watch out you!

You risk a lot!

“Eh? Machin Truc is against racism? And he wants to save the planet? Ah great ! I thought he was a good little guy! Gérard, call the theater, we’ll cancel our tickets! »

The courage of artists today lies in supporting common causes.

Instead of leading the herd like they used to, they look left and right and analyze the wind direction before positioning themselves.

And above all, no politics! Because it risks dividing your audience and weakening your ticket sales!

Artists only have one word on their lips these days: diversity.

We must ensure that all groups, even the smallest minorities, are represented in Quebec’s institutions!

And the representation of Francophones and Quebecers in Canada?

Our respect for us?

Our own survival?


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