This popular Korean influencer is not a real person

Influencers are often criticized as artificial. Wrong sets, staged scenes, use of filters: only a few elements of her photos seem real.

However, a new trend is pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t true.

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South Korean influencer Rozy has 137,000 followers. His account is on Instagram like everyone else, especially those of his fellow Koreans. Travel photos, clothes photos, make-up photos, photos with friends etc. She is a singer, dancer and model.

The only difference between Rozy and all the other influencers is that Rozy doesn’t exist.

It is an artificial creation by Seoul company Sidus Studio X.

How does it work?

Sometimes Rozy’s images are 100% computer generated; In other cases, such as when posing for corporate attire, her head is superimposed over a photograph of a flesh-and-blood mannequin.

Like a true influencer, Rozy builds an audience by sharing bits of her life on social media. Of course, since it doesn’t exist, a team takes care of it. Rozy responds to messages from her admirers and even leaves comments under other people’s photos.

Since its inception in 2020, Rozy has signed deals with multiple companies and generated significant profits for the company. In 2022, Rozy is expected to generate over $1.5 million in profits for its creators.

But she’s not the only one. The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is booming. Personalities like Rozy, who are perfect, who don’t age and who never cause controversy, are very attractive to companies.

Creating an ad with an artificial influencer can be done in a few days; With a real person, the process takes much longer.

In a world where standards of beauty are already almost unattainable, many describe the phenomenon as very worrying.

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