WWE RAW Aug 1, 2022 results

WWE RAW Houston, TX

The commentators are Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show starts with the commentators greeting and Becky Lynch arrives with a scarf on her arm. We see pictures of Bianca Belair’s victory at SummerSlam last Saturday. Becky welcomes us to Big Time. Becky says she always tried her best and lost her identity when she lost her women’s title. But at SummerSlam she found herself. She is not interested in pretty outfits or fame, but in determination, taking responsibility and being better than yesterday. When she split her shoulder at SummerSlam, she could either quit or go all out. She made the decision to fight despite the excruciating pain. She did what she had to do to grow the women’s department for each of the hard-working women behind the scenes. As the referee counted the three, she understood that her best that night wasn’t enough.

Becky says she realized that matches and titles define her, it’s not matches or titles that define her. Nor is it defined by the man, it defines the man. This is the story of his comeback and it starts now! But first she wants to give credit to the women who are pushing her to be better than the day before, so she asks Bianca Belair to join her. Belair enters the ring. Belair says Becky not only defined The Man, she is The Man. The two wrestlers hug. Becky tells Belair to keep the title well, they will meet again soon. Becky leaves the ring and the crowd chants her name. Belair says she has nothing but respect for Becky Lynch. People could ask her about it and talk about it as Becky shook her hand and then slapped her. But she never wanted anything for free, Becky did her work for her title. A true mutual respect has taken hold post SummerSlam, but she still has a goal on her back and she’s here as the RAW Champion.

Belair says she’s ready for anyone, including Bayley or her friends. Belair is cut by the TitanTron and Bayley is seen backstage hitting Becky in the shoulder with a chair! Belair comes to help Becky, but Bayley’s coven has already left.

– A video about the legacy of the US championship will be presented.

United States Title Contender – Triple Threat Match

AJ Styles vs Mustafa Ali vs The Miz

At the end of the fight, Ali lands his 450 splash on Miz, but AJ grabs him right away and performs a Styles Clash on Miz’s body. AJ covers Ali for the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

– Behind the scenes, Becky Lynch gets help from a doctor.

– Behind the scenes marches the Bayley clan (Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky). Sarah asks why she targeted Becky. Bayley says it’s not a Belair or Becky story, it’s their clan’s future that matters and we’ll find out more soon.

The Usos arrive and Sarah asks how it feels to defend her title again. Jey says they are 100% as always. Jimmy says SummerSlam was like all past PLEs. They beat the Street Profits again and Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar again. Tonight they will defeat the Mysterios once more.

Seth Rollin comes in the ring and we see footage of his rivalry with Riddle. Seth Rollins welcomes us to RAW and introduces himself. Rollins says tonight is a party night: we got rid of Riddle’s other leftovers. It takes a lot of balls to do what Riddle did at SummerSlam, but there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and Riddle has walked it many times. Riddle wanted so much to be like his big brother Randy that he finds himself on the sidelines with a potentially career-ending injury…just like Randy. Now that Riddle is gone, he can turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship. Street Profits music begins and the duo arrives.

Rollins says he doesn’t want to share the air with WWE’s Biggest Losers. How many times has Street Profits lost to Usos? One, two or three million times? They’re such a bad team, they better split up. Rollins tells her to go backstage so he can enjoy his moment. Angelo Dawkins asks if they beat Rollins to become RAW Champions. Montez Ford says he’s the same guy who got his ass kicked by a single Cody Rhodes boob. Rollins asks if they want to fight. He wants to crush their heads with stomping, but it’s two against one, which is unfair. If it’s one on one it would be much better. Dawkins asks if fans want to see this. fans agree. Dawkins says they’ll rock, paper and scissor who’s going to face him. A referee arrives and the contest begins, but Montez Ford drags the referee into the ring.

single game

Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford accompanied by Angelo Dawkins

At the end of the fight, Ford dodges Rollins Frog Splash. Ford comes around the corner and goes into Frog Splash, but Rollins blocks him with his knees and stomps him for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the fight, Rollins goes for another stomp, but Dawkins kicks him out of the ring.

– We present a video of the match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

single game

Alexa Bliss vs Asuka

At the end of the fight, Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky come into the ring to attack the two wrestlers.

Winner: No contest

– After the battle, the Bayley clan attack continues. Iyo Sky grabs a chair but Bianca Belair arrives and Bayley’s clan flee into the crowd. Bianca Belair takes the mic and says she wants a match against one of the clan members!

– The wrestlers come back after the break.

United States Title Contender – Triple Threat Match

Dolph Ziggler vs Ciampa vs Chad Gable

At the end of the fight, Gable gives Ciampa a quick count, but he resists and knees him down. Ciampa continues his Fairy Tail Ending for a count of three.

Winner: Ciampa

– We present a video about the history between Edge and Judgment Day.

– The back, edge comes in the ring. Edge says he’s been misbehaving for the past few months, but that’s changing now. Now we can all have what we want! He created Judgment Day with the aim of helping talent who deserve a spot. Helping people like Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley break through. It felt like it was just the beginning, but the Force was affecting her judgement. They thought they had nothing to learn, but no. He didn’t see the blow coming and sent him to the sidelines for several months. But at SummerSlam, we saw him come out of the hell they put him in. It’s time to kill what he created. Finn, Damian, Rhea, he’s gonna crush Judgment Day !

– Behind the scenes, Kevin stops the Mysterios to find out how they manage to focus for the evening. Rey says that doomsday is behind them, now doomsday is ahead of Edge. He and Edge were once a good team. For tonight, they want to beat the Usos and become the WWE Tag Team Champions here in Houston.

– Back, behind the scenes, Sarah is with the Bayley clan to have her feelings. Bayley says everyone is talking about SummerSlam, but people aren’t talking about Belair or Lynch, they’re talking about Sky, Kai and them. WWE needed heavyweights and they took Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky who had waited too long for their place.

Single Match – No Title

Iyo heaven accompanied by Bayley and Dakota Kai against Bianca Belair

During the fight, Bayley and Kai try to intervene, but Asuka and Alexa Bliss arrive ringside.

At the end of the fight, Sky wants to cheat with her feet on a rope, but Bliss kicks her feet away. The confrontation erupts in the ring between the six wrestlers.

Winner: No contest

– After the fight, the confrontation continues, the officers arrive to separate everyone.

– Behind the scenes, Kevin asks Miz about his reaction to Ciampa’s losses and victory. Miz says he let Logan hit Paul, Paul even begged him for mercy, until AJ Styles attacked Ciampa to steal the win from him. Why ? Does AJ train Paul? Questions that need to be asked. Ciampa says AJ will find out he picked the wrong side at SummerSlam. AJ decided to support a social media influencer who made fun of her house. It will be even more satisfying when he beats AJ. Miz says Ciampa will be the new US Champion.

– Back, Booker T takes place with the commentators for the next game.

USA Championship Contender – Singles Match

Ciampa accompanied by the miz against AJ Styles

At the end of the fight, Ciampa blocks the Styles Clash, but AJ hits him back with a suplex on the corner. AJ punches Ciampa and goes on the apron to play a Phenomenal Forearm, but Ciampa knees him and covers him, but he resists. Ciampa follows up with a back breaker and covers him but AJ resists. Ciampa mounted AJ on the corner and punched him. Ciampa takes it for a take, but AJ comes out of the corner with Ciampa and Styles Clash. AJ covers it but Miz puts Ciampa’s foot on a rope to stop the count. AJ exits the ring to punch Miz in the face. Ciampa pushes AJ against the post and throws him at the barricade. Ciampa returns to the ring and AJ goes back to nine. Ciampa kneels him and gives him a Fairy Tail Ending for the count of three.

Winner: Ciampa

– After the fight, it is announced that Ciampa will be playing his match for the USA title next week.

– Behind the scenes, Kevin Patrick is with Bobby Lashley to get his reaction. Lashley says he will defend that title every week on RAW if need be. Ciampa has proven he’s hungry and knows how to fight, he’s dangerous. But like he said, he’s ready to beat anyone, anywhere. He wants to bring respect back to the title.

– Back, the wrestlers are arriving.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Rey and Dominik Mysterio against the Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (versus)

At the end of the fight, the Mysterios double 619 on Jimmy. Dominik follows with a Frog Splash and covers it, but Jey blocks the count at the last second. Rey pulls Jey out of the ring and Dominik launches a suicide jump on him. Dominik comes around the corner but Jimmy gets up and kicks him. The two face each other on the corner, Dominik pushes him away and drop kicks him to the second rope. Dominik bets to 619, but Jey takes over the tag to surprise Dominik with a two-for-three cutter.

Winner: The Usos

– After the fight, the Usos celebrate on stage. Judgment Day is coming to attack the Mysterios. Edge’s music starts and he comes to the ring. Edge knocks Priest out with a clothesline and DDTs Balor. Edge goes to spear, but Rhea Ripley pushes Dominik into the ring, causing Edge to accidentally collide with Dominik! Edge chases Finn Balor through the crowd. Rey gets back in the ring and doesn’t understand why Edge attacked his son. The show ends with the doctor taking care of Dominik.

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