5 revelations from the Depp Heard trial

The trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, whose verdict was announced on June 1, was watched by millions. On Monday, the 6,000-page court document was released to the public, Deadline reported. Here are some things that were not mentioned during the trial.

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  • authenticity of certain evidence

During the trial, Depp’s team questioned the authenticity of photos provided by Heard, which allegedly showed injuries inflicted by the actor. But Amber Heard’s team did the same with the photos submitted by the Pirates of the Caribbean interpreter. Referring to the metadata, the capture and modification of the images dated July 22, 2019, while Johnny Depp said they were taken in March 2015. Eventually, the judge rejected what the actress’ team did for lack of evidence.

According to Heard’s team, the attorneys defending Johnny Depp wanted to include outrageous personal information in the trial. These were racy nude photos of the actress when she was a dancer, suggesting she was an escort. The photos have never been used.

  • Text messages exchanged with Marilyn Manson

In 2016, Manson wrote to Depp that he was in an “Amber 2.0” situation. “I read a lot about it and about sociopathy. It’s real bro!” Depp replied. The friendship between the two was also mentioned during the trial, but the text messages were never used. Lawyers feared the actor would be found guilty by the association.

  • Depp’s medical history

Although Johnny Depp’s drug issues were discussed during the trial, details were left out, including his use of certain drugs like Valtrex, Nexium and Cialis.

  • If Amber Heard had won

In November 2020, Heard’s attorneys asked Depp how he would react if the seven-person jury leaned more in his ex-wife’s favor.

“It can be one person’s opinion, it can be 200 people’s opinion or 1,000 people’s opinion, and they can believe the actions that I didn’t do. It’s fiction and I hope people listen to the truth and understand that it’s the truth,” he said.

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