Uncoupled, a gay version of Sex and the City

in the disconnected, Neil Patrick Harris finds himself single in New York after a 17-year relationship. Darren Star, famous creator behind the hits of Sex and the City and D’Emily in ParisShe’s signing this new Netflix series with Jeffrey Richman, producer of modern family. Interview.

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Olivia Levy

Olivia Levy
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disconnected is an eight-part comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris, a posh New York real estate agent who becomes single overnight after his partner dumped him after 17 years together. decoupled, it’s a bit like Sex and the City happy version. We’re in Uptown New York and it’s about love and friendship.

The tone is bright and the apartments are sumptuous. There are three very different gay friends: there’s Billy, who amasses lovers, Stanley, the loner, and Michael, the bachelor in love. There’s also Suzanne, Michael’s colleague at the head of a single parent family, and Claire, a wealthy divorcee.

I want to compare disconnected at Sex and the City. Because we’re talking about a big hit here, six seasons, two movies and a sequel, that suits me very well!

Jeffrey Richman, Producer


The three friends of the series disconnected. Brooks Ashmanskas plays Stanley James, Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael Lawson and Emerson Brooks is Billy Jackson.

The changing world of flirting

Darren Star wanted to make a romantic comedy starring a gay man in his late 40s who lives in New York and becomes single after a terrible breakup.

“A nightmarish separation! We have all experienced difficult but crucial breakups in our lives. Fractures that brought about changes,” he says.

“And Michael finds himself 17 years later in the world of dating and flirting and that’s the funny thing about it because he’s lost. It really is a nightmare! Everything has changed,” he says.


Darren Star at the series premiere disconnected in New York, July 26

Seventeen years later, the definition of privacy has changed too. “We don’t want to be alone, so we’re willing to do anything and everything to get to know someone, and we do crazy things! ‘ says Darren Star.

Over the course of the episodes, Michael will go through various post-breakup mental states, between anger, anger, and denial. He doesn’t understand why he’s single, even though he thought he’d found the man of his life. The new bachelor will test the dating app GrindrShe will have younger lovers and have many adventures in this funny, sometimes absurd but entertaining series.

A universal theme

“The show is set in a gay environment, but the theme of rupture is universal. We can all identify with this story, whether we’re gay or straight, because we experience the same thing when we’re heartbroken. There is a great humanity in the character of Michael,” Jeffrey Richman points out.


Neil Patrick Harris plays the main character of the series disconnected.

“Neil Patrick Harris is perfect. He’s funny, talented, authentic and so sexy! thinks Darren Star. This is the time for him to ask himself questions, to see that there are many possibilities and that life still lies ahead of him. »

The creator emphasizes the importance of bringing more mature characters to the small screen. “The good thing about Jeffrey Richman and I is that we’re of a certain age and we know we can have exciting lives in our 50s or 60s! We really understand our characters! ‘ he jokes.

You can experience a midlife crisis full of hope and twists and turns. Sometimes the worst can happen but we take something positive out of it, we keep hope for the future, you need to remember that.

Darren Star, Creator


Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael and Tisha Campbell plays her colleague Suzanne.

The choice of New York as the storage location for the story was a matter of course for the two creators. “It’s a city where anything can happen, people meet people there, anytime! You say. From this point of view, it is a very human city. People come to New York to reinvent their lives here, because anything is possible. »

Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman enjoy themselves on the show and wonder what could be worse than being a gay bachelor in late ’40s New York. A divorced woman in her fifties? “It will take more than a season to answer that question! It’s about attitude. You have to be creative and move forward! They answer with a laugh.

The two creators hope for a sequel disconnected. Darren Star now lives between New York and France, where Season 3 ofEmily in Paris Shooting will continue until the end of September. “It’s so rewarding to shoot abroad, to be in France,” he says. We have a lot of fun and it gives us a break from our American reality. »

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