Beyoncé substitutes an offensive word to people with disabilities

Wrong notes emerged at the eulogy concert marking the release of Beyoncé’s new album. The star opted to replace a term considered offensive to people with disabilities, which she used in a song, after facing complaints on social media over the weekend.

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As of Monday morning, the US star’s entourage announced that the words “spazzin'” and “spaz” heard in the final segment Heatedone of the 16 tracks on his album Renaissancethe release of which caused a stir on Friday.

The word “spaz” refers to a disability that affects muscle control. It is also an insult to call a person stupid.

“The word that was not used intentionally to cause harm will be substituted,” Beyoncé’s team said in a statement shared by the magazine. Diversity.

A human rights activist drew attention to the lyrics of the song Heatedin an opinion letter published in the British press at the end of the week.

Incidentally, this person, Hannah Diviney, herself disabled, six weeks ago denounced the use of the same unflattering nickname in a Lizzo song, to which the singer responded by changing the lyrics of her song and declaring herself an ally.

Although Beyoncé is an exceptional artist, “that doesn’t excuse the use of an ableistic slur,” Mme Divine.

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That affair wouldn’t be the only misstep Beyoncé made in preparing her album.

Singer Kelis has accused Queen B of using excerpts from her song milkshake without his permission on the title Energy.

“It’s not a collaboration, it’s a heist,” Kelis said in a series of Instagram posts in which she mostly attacks milkshake producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

She accuses them of “stealing” the rights to the song, which was released twenty years ago. Their names also appear in the credits ofenergybut not those of Kelis.

Neither Beyoncé nor Williams and Hugo have responded to these allegations.

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