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What should we see on Crave? Here are some suggestions from our journalists.

Posted yesterday at 5pm

The First Lady

The First Lady, a series presented on Crave, immerses us in the lives of three American First Ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. Three different eras, three women who lived in the White House and who shaped history in their own way. The First Ladyit is also the pleasure of seeing three very talented actresses again, namely Gillian Anderson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola Davis.

Olivia Levy

no time to die

The truth is, no time to die is a nostalgic sequel, a feeling viewers will feel at the sight of the swan song of an actor who, if you count most films, is still the one who has lent James Bond his feature films the longest. And who, thanks to his acting talent, gave the character a new depth. That’s also evident, just as they had when Daniel Craig came on board Casino royale, craftsmen must now relaunch the series on a whole new basis. We wish them the best of luck because the bar will be very high.

Marc Andre Lussier

engine noise

difficult movie? Yes. Watch the film more than once to capture its full essence? Without doubt. Philippe Grégoire told us in an interview. He likes to make people think. There aren’t all answers. That said, we won’t sulk our pleasure. This film has beautiful ideas and is carried by two young actors in great shape.

Andre Duchesne


respect is one of those films where the value of the show is directly linked to the performance of the actress or actor playing the lead role. At this level, Jennifer Hudson is at the pinnacle of a role that few singers and actresses could have mastered with such mastery. Without going to imitation, the competitor of the third season ofamerican idol(She was seventh in the rankings at the time!) manages to vocally – and internally – translate the transformation of a singer who went from gospel to jazz without ever really hitting the audience, but still took some time to find his voice in the to find music drunk.

Marc Andre Lussier

Mixmania, 20 years later

Mixmania: 20 years later puts the spotlight on the 2002 vintage, the original mixes. It’s very good, if a bit short at around forty minutes. Here a film theme of at least an hour and a half was easy. In a monastic setting vintageAnnabelle, Julie, Ariane, Frank, Emmanuel and Pierre-Luc tell Bianca Gervais – who also directs – the pros and cons of being fed by the shrill calls of the Bell Center and the FrancoFolies at such a young age.

Hugo Duma

blue bayou

blue bayou Progress with a single goal in mind: to denounce an injustice. It lacks formal finesse, but in terms of content we can only succumb to the strength of its story and stick to its purpose. How can you not find it inhumane that people are threatened with being sent back to a country they do not know after having spent their lives in the country they have always considered their own?

Alexandre Vigneault

drunk birds

The film is based on the great musical score by Philippe Brault. In addition, Ivan Grbovic draws performances of great finesse from his quartet of actors. Of particular note are the compositions by Hélène Florent, whose pared-down play harmonises perfectly with the search for a woman unable to flourish, and by Claude Legault, in the skin of a man a little overwhelmed by everything that happens in his family life is. And around.

Marc Andre Lussier

Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall off

Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall off may not have the depth of these documentaries, which can reach beyond convert circles. However, it offers a very interesting perspective and gripping scenes that will grab any teenager or adult who one day jumped on a skateboard and dreams of arriving at the sole of one of the Bones Brigade idols.

Alexandre Vigneault

Irma Vep

Irma Vep was recorded in the City of Light with a host of French actors. The dialogues skilfully alternate between the languages ​​of Shakespeare and Molière. The most amazing thing is the shape. The implementation, both modern and retro, is great.

Hugo Duma


A word for you: Chop! It’s good, funny and smart. It’s comedy of the year. Equally hilarious are the characters that revolve around the two heroines. There’s the cheeky assistant Kayla, the psycho-starved tour manager, and the aloof personal assistant, who get plenty of laughs.

Hugo Duma

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