Michel Berger, a rich career in the service of others


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L. Hakim, C.-M. Denis, E Delagneau, A Pancari, G Liaboeuf – France 2

France TV

Michel Berger’s melodies are still hummed by all generations today. To mark the 30th anniversary of his death, the 20 hours return to his rich career on Saturday July 30th.

Michel Berger’s first success as a singer was The pianist’s groupie. But he was immediately caught up by another hit composed for his wife France Gall: He played the piano standing up. Michel Berger had talent for others before he was successful himself. He was a composer inspired by American shows and was sometimes misunderstood in the themes of his songs.

When Michel Berger sang his fill of chamomile tea in the mid-1960s, it was hard to imagine what kind of star he would become. In 1966, he unknowingly posed in the same photo as his future performers, Françoise Hardy and France Gall. The many songs written for the latter will also allow him to assert his style. But in terms of success, she will always keep an edge over him, who dreamed of seeing his talent as a composer and author recognized.

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