A naturist from here manages to pinch a French pedophile

A French pedophile who had solicited photos of naturists’ naked children was recently arrested thanks to the vigilance of a Quebecer who held him captive.

“That’s one less, I tell myself that!” drops Claude Dufresne, who reported the criminal to the police.

The Longueuillois were far from suspecting the true identity of a certain “Fred” when he first contacted him through a naturist Facebook group at the end of February.

The stranger said he wanted to share this hobby and offered to schedule a meeting with his wife and children in Montreal.

In a private message, however, he tells him that other activities besides an aperitif are possible “if he is open-minded”.

Sensing a shady affair, Claude Dufresne decides to play the game despite his reluctance.

Confidentially, “Fred” claims that children between the ages of 9 and 22 – including his own sons – will participate in sexual activities on that day.

Claude’s correspondent then sends him photos of “his boys” naked and asks to see photos of his sons in return.

“Then I said to my girlfriend: ‘I think I’ve had enough, we’ll report it to the police,'” says Mr. Dufresne soberly.

International cooperation

It is the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) that collects Claude’s testimony and the incriminating screenshots of the conversations with “Fred”. The Journal was able to consult these repulsive messages.

After a preliminary investigation, the Sexual Assault Unit locates the suspect in France and, given the international nature of the case, forwards the file to Interpol.

French authorities finally arrested “Fred” in Lyon on March 14, 2022 and he was convicted shortly thereafter of offenses related to possession and distribution of child pornography in Quebec, according to the SPVM.

“He said he was married, had two children, but he was a man who lived alone, with lots and lots and lots of child pornography photos at home,” says Claude Dufresne.

Longueuillois, 54, received an acknowledgment citation for his vigilance, without which the pedophile would most likely never have been discovered as he was unknown to the authorities.

“Since these crimes are often little or not reported at all, the SPVM wanted to draw attention to this [son] Gesture,” spokeswoman Anik de Repentigny said via email.

Danger, false naturists

Aware of the arrest, the president of the Quebec Federation of Naturism said he was concerned about netizens claiming to be naturists to extract nude photos.

“They are betraying our trust,” denounced Jean-François Lapointe.

“As president, my job is to find the crosseurs. And it’s crazy how many cases are incorrect [que je vois en ligne] sighs Mr. Lapointe, who has supported the member of his federation in his efforts.

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