Osheaga Festival | Arcade Fire brings Osheaga back to life

If you weren’t among the 40,000 festival-goers in attendance, you missed out on an entire Arcade Fire performance on day one of the Osheaga Festival.

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Emily Cote

Emily Cote
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But take comfort: Win Butler’s band has announced another show at the Bell Center on December 3rd.


butler win

“Montreal in my heart,” Régine Chassagne called out to the crowd at the end of the opening song, Anxiety Age I.

Then it was a rolling fire of memories and chills Ready to go, The suburbs and Neighborhood #1.

From the selection and topic of the songs, the reassuring feeling of being at home emanated from the beginning of the show. Arcade Fire members were visibly touched on stage.

While Don’t drive carsyou had to see Win Butler banging let’s go while Régine Chassagne passionately waved her accordion. It was powerful!


Win Butler and Régine Chassagne on stage on Friday

Arcade Fire played key tracks from their six albums. The disco ball floating above the stage shone brightly to the sound of the dancing doubles life after death and reflector. fromeverything nowto which the public is particularly entitled creature comfort.

The crowd was able to catch their breath during the drive End of Empire I-IIIbut the show started with a bang The Illumination I, II. We wrote these lines to hear the end of the show without being able to see it. The audience sang the “oh-oh, oh” from Wake up just before it started to rain.

fifteen Candles for Osheaga

It was Arcade Fire that approached evenko’s programming team when the Foo Fighters canceled their presence following the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

To kick off the celebrations on April 15e Osheaga’s birthday, it was the perfect headlining band.

Both Osheaga and Arcade Fire – two great symbols of Montreal – have stood the test of time admirably.

The same goes for Dan Boeckner, who accompanies Arcade Fire on the album tour WE.

Win Butler went to the trouble of presenting it, and surprise: the crowd was spoiled This heart is on fire his band Wolf Parade!


Arcade Fire played in front of around 40,000 festival-goers on Friday night.

They all embody the golden age of indie rock, the heyday in which Osheaga was born. However, in 2006, thousands of festival-goers present on Friday were still wearing diapers. And that’s exactly what was nice to see: the renewal of the audience (apart from the omnipresence of the sponsor Garage).

A very functional site

Except for the rain at the very end of the evening, the weather was perfect on this not too oppressive sunny day. He took photos against the various majestic views of the St. Lawrence River.

After a forced hiatus of three years (save for a reduced-format presentation last fall), Osheaga resumed its rights at Parc Jean-Drapeau at full capacity and in the heart of summer. This is only the second time Osheaga has been featured on its revamped and expanded website.

The so-called “festival-goer experience” has been enhanced with a larger and more varied menu. Only downside: to get a good beer, you have to go to the YUL EAT area next to the Calder sculpture. This should be possible site-wide.

Great novelty: the Green and Valley stages are juxtaposed like the main stages where the shows alternate. Traffic between the two poles was efficient and fluid.

Shortly after 6 p.m. we saw the Australian group Parcels from the natural amphitheater of the Plaine des Jeux with a view of the Green Stage. His rock, rhythmic with disco and floating with vocal harmonies, was perfect under the evening sun that weighed down on the river and the Jacques Cartier bridge in the background.

Next, we checked out the latest tracks from British pop singer Charli XCX. When we arrived the crowd hopped to the icona pop hit she was in I love it.

She continued with yuck and beg for you. The British singer and her dancers had energy left over (almost too much, as if forced) and there were too many pre-recorded tapes.

Then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs reunion was epic. As befits the great Karen O, she wore an extravagant stage costume and possessed an inner fire at the mic as she whispered the signature ballad “ch-ch-ch-ch” like a whisper betrayed hearts and soft shock. In addition to the hits, the audience was offered two new songs that will appear on a new album (out in September). Zero, head rolls and golden lion.

Before the essential cardsKaren O appealed to love and tenderness.

We leave you on those kind words as we await the sequel to Osheaga, which continues this Saturday and Sunday with Future and Dua Lipa as headliners.

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