Blondedy shares how it all began between her and D-Perfect

From flirting to engagement.

The union of Blondedy and D-Perfect caused ink and saliva to flow, and even today the couple never misses an opportunity to generate comment on the Internet. If they seem to be spinning the perfect love, at the beginning of their phone conversation, the entrepreneur and the singer had never agreed to consider a serious relationship. Two years after the corona, here they are, still united, entertaining the gallery.

It’s the beginning of 2020. After the release of Blondedy’s song “Palmarès” in collaboration with rapper Fantom, the staff of Madame set their sights on D-Perfect in search of a new collaborator for their foal. A name that previously meant nothing to Blondedy, who nonetheless agreed to get in touch with the young singer of EKIP. The actress immediately conquered her voice for the song “Number One Lady”. However, the collaboration failed due to the lack of interest from D-Perfect.

“Li t ap woule m,” says Blondedy in an interview with Guy Wewe. The two lovebirds kept in touch and spent their time talking about music.

A relationship sealed by Corona

Confined to their own side, Blondedy and D-Perfect grew closer and their conversations took different turns. The music gave way to the crazy and intense nights of frolicking between the two young people who still had no name for what was going on between them.

Even though Blondedy offered up for the game, ‘D’, as she likes to call him, was just a spare tire for her while the Covid period ended. “M te bezwen on moun pou m pase stres mwen,” she says without any embarrassment; until the day his companion asked her about the nature of the relationship because the “Ze Fele” was somehow otherwise busy at the time.

While she thought she was flirting, Blondedy quickly realized that Mr. held a bigger place in her heart. “M rann mwen kont m ap kriye,” admits the artist, whose heart was pangs after the questions and confessions of his companion. So she gave him the choice. And we all know the rest.

“Pou ou,” here’s the clip that caught more than one ear. Towards the end of 2020, after a long wait, the two artists finally worked on a joint project. A play in which Blondedy confessed his feelings to someone and featured D-Perfect as an extra.

Besides, the best was yet to come. Who does not remember the couple’s engagement in the heart of Pétion-Ville? Smiling brightly, Blondedy received her ring while she was in Haiti.

The collaboration continues, love affairs continue to flood the internet when the two engage, and Blondedy never misses an opportunity to praise his “nannies.” They have fun, give each other gifts, talk to us about their “life” and support each other in their businesses.

In a video released this week by the Blondelight CEO, she can be seen performing the hit song “Ze Fele,” which is usually sung by D-Perfect. Accompanied by the musicians of the Ekip group, she easily replaced her companion, who could not be present that evening in Canada.

Some worship her, others merge with criticism; Blondedy and D-Perfect, a fire that won’t go out.

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