Toyota | The Avalon will be replaced by a blended hybrid sedan

Japanese automaker Toyota recently caught auto industry observers a little off guard when it revived a concept that hadn’t met with much success in the past: the raised sedan. To that end, the brand decided to relaunch the Crown name, which had made a foray into its Canadian range from 1965 to 1972.

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Karl Rene

Karl Rene
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This crown essentially replaces the Avalon, a full-size sedan that sits above the Camry in Toyota’s org chart and used to be a sales figure. Its crossover configuration, closely based on a sedan, is very similar to that of the Honda Crosstour marketed from 2010 to 2015. One thing is for sure, this new addition from Toyota is far more assertive in terms of design than the latter, which will no doubt manage to be more desirable in the eyes of potential customers.

A bigger Camry

Based on the modular TNGA-K platform shared with many models, including the mid-size Camry sedan, this Crown comes very close to the latter’s dimensions. It’s essentially 9.5cm taller, practically the same length and gaining 2.5cm on the wheelbase side.


2023 Toyota Crown

Hybrid mechanics on the menu

True to its form, Toyota is building its powertrain offering around hybrid engines that are technically very similar to what’s found under the hood of the latest-generation Lexus RX.


The interior of the 2023 Toyota Crown

As standard (XLE version), the Crown will be entitled to a 2.5-litre four-cylinder assisted by two electric motors, including one at the rear, for a total output of around 236bhp. It therefore advances with an all-wheel drive that can send up to 80% of the torque to the rear to sharpen the road holding. According to the manufacturer, it consumes 6.2 L/100 km.

The Limited and Platinum liveries are based on a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, also assisted by two electric motors. In its case, 340 horsepower is generated with the same torque-carrying capability as the standard powertrain. The average consumption is estimated at 8.4 L/100 km.

The Toyota Crown will arrive at Toyota dealerships later this year as a 2023 model. It will be interesting to see what its pricing strategy will look like.

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