Maïka Desnoyers announces great news about her family

Maïka Desnoyers has announced that a big change is about to take place in her home as her family will open the doors of their home to a young Ukrainian.

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Yes, a fourth child will be added to Maïka Desnoyers’ close-knit little clan, Etienne Boulay as well as their daughters Anna and Livia and Hayden, Maïka’s son. This is in fact what the host of Sell ​​or renovateon his Facebook page.

So soon a young Ukrainian will come to their home for a year to get him out of the war in his country.

In her Facebook post, the one who published her autobiography last year also explained that a GoFundMe has been set up to raise money so that the entire group of 20 children, including the teenager owned by Maïka and Étienne, can walk together .

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“We made the decision a few months ago to take a young Ukrainian into our home for 1 year to get him out of the war in his country.
A group of 20 youngsters have to move quickly as they are in a hot zone.
We do business with an NPO so the tickets are at our expense and that’s fine! We gave money but it’s not enough to leave the group together.
If you ever want to help I’ll let Gofoundme do it for you…thanks!” the real estate agent wrote.

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If the comments below her Facebook post are unanimously positive, where people applaud her family’s kind gesture, Maïka seems to have received some questions from followers on Instagram wondering if she will have the time and energy for this new challenge .

Maïka explains precisely that this is precisely why she waited a few months to speak publicly about it, not wanting to hear the judgment of others. Despite everything, she has bothered to respond publicly to a comment to explain her reasoning.


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“One child more or less… My great-grandmother had 14 children and her door was always wide open to those in need. She said, “If there’s enough for 14, there’s enough for 15”! We should all have that mentality when it comes to helping,” she said simply.

Recall that the host of The Golden Egg Hen, Julie Houle, also announced a few months ago that she will open the doors of her home to a Ukrainian family: a woman and her two children, aged 9 and 15, grandmother and great-grandmother of the family.

We pay homage to the big heart of the Desnoyers-Boulay family and wish them this new challenge to go as smoothly as possible on both sides.

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