Julie Marcoux: “I’ve learned to manage my expectations”

Following Pierre Bruneau’s departure, it was announced that Julie Marcoux had been put in charge of the 5pm and 6pm Friday news programs on TVA, a hugely exciting challenge for her. The head of antennas and mother of a four-year-old boy will continue to be able to deliver top performances at all levels.

Julie, how are you approaching this new briefing?

When a chair occupied by Pierre Bruneau for 46 years becomes vacant, it sparks a game of gaming chairs. Sophie Thibault replaces Pierre from Monday to Thursday. For my part, I like to continue to liven up the afternoons on LCN from Monday to Thursday, but also take over the 5pm and 6pm news on TVA on Fridays. I will also stand in for Sophie when she is absent. For me it is the flagship newsletter of TVA Nouvelles. Completing Sophie’s week is an honor and a great vote of confidence. I like Sophie very much, she is caring, rigorous, hardworking and straight forward. It’s a beautiful model. I have a lot of admiration for her.

How does this new schedule fit into family life?

My son will be four in September. Before accepting this mandate, I discussed it with Jonathan, my spouse, because I think it’s a family decision. It implies that I don’t pick my son up from daycare and that he’s already eaten by the time I get home. But that’s all fine with me because I spend all my mornings and evenings with my family.

Can we conclude that you have benefited from his support?

Yes. Jonathan is a very present father. Tasks are shared, no one counts who is doing what. He’s very present in Alex’s life. He was very happy for me because he knew it was part of my career goals. If I accepted the position, he would support me 100%. Alex will adjust even if mom comes home later. When he was a year old I was hosting an evening show and I arrived at 8:30pm.

It lasted a year. I found it difficult because I missed dinner, bath, bedtime. But coming home a little later on Friday evening is not a problem for me. It’s a small compromise.

Does your schedule give you access to the best of both worlds?

Yes, because I still have my afternoon schedule from Monday to Thursday. We only have one child and we will not have another. The women of our generation want to do well in everything: be a great mom, be a great blonde, do well at work, have a spotless home…but they can’t. It requires managing expectations and over the last few years I’ve learned to manage them better. If I come back later in the evening I accept that my son has already had dinner, that he wasn’t there and that’s fine.

Does that make you see him happy?

As a matter of fact. My son is doing very well in daycare. How many times have I thought to myself that I could pick him up earlier, but I remembered one day when I arrived at 4pm and he said to me, “But mom, what are you doing here?” (laughs) We have to accept that our children are very happy in daycare. Obviously, the guilt multiplies when you have a child! You have to learn to deal with imperfections. Even if I’m not a perfect mother, my son will not be unhappier.

Aren’t our children made up of our imperfections too?

It must! Our parents were much less present than we were. If the first exam is passed at the age of 18, life will be difficult for the child. They need to develop resourcefulness and autonomy, traits that don’t develop when parents have been overprotective. I’m learning to let go At this level there is some professional bias.

How do you mean?

I’m only talking about the bad news: drowning of children, hit by a car on a bike, etc. We have to make the cut and tell ourselves that it’s irrational to think it’s going to happen, but it stays in our blind spot. Does motherhood allow you to excel as a person? That’s the nicest thing that can happen. When my son tells me he loves me, that’s great! Seeing him develop, grow, talk, be skillful makes me so proud! Julie, you have a special mother’s story. Remind us in what context you became pregnant.

With his ex-wife, Jonathan tried for ten years to have children; I tried it with my ex-spouse for six years. When we met, it worked straight away. We have a beautiful little Alex who we got late. I gave birth at 41. We have a healthy boy who is great. He likes to move, run, climb. He loves engines and helmets, he loves helping others. He is a thorough boy who always asks questions.

Has his arrival greatly improved your life?

It challenged me. It’s good to stop being self-centered. I think I’ve become a better person since we’ve had Alex. It brought out the best in me, including for my boyfriend. My mother is living her best years thanks to Alex. I have discovered an extraordinary grandmother! I see a side of her that I didn’t know before and that I can discover with a lot of fun.

  • Julie can be seen in the LCN Bulletins from Monday to Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. It can be found on TVA Nouvelles on TVA’s airwaves on Fridays at 5pm and 6pm.

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