Carolanne D’Astous-Paquet is expecting her first child

In 2009, Carolanne D’Astous-Paquet reached the final stages of the Star Academy. Then in 2011 after being part of the distribution of the musical Scheherazade: Arabian NightsShe took a step back and looked at the center. And now, at 31, she’s expecting her first child!

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“I’m 22 weeks pregnant and it’s going to be a little boy,” she told us this week.

Originally from Sayabec in Gaspésie, Carolanne settled in Amqui five years ago after living in Montreal and Quebec. “I’m a full-time journalist for the local newspaper The Outpost and I work as a project manager in a marketing agency,” says the communications student. “I also made a mini album, Ephemeral Shadows, last year. I always had the desire to start a family, although this was not the priority. Four years ago I met my spouse who is a local. This prompted me to return to my region and then make the decision to have a child. I couldn’t imagine starting a family away from my family.

For the past 10 years, the young woman had maintained a base in Gaspésie and returned there regularly. “I never thought I would settle down there forever, but I find that the quality of life is really better here. It’s ideal for a good family life.” Through mutual friends, she met Bryan, a civil engineer who will be a father in November. “We’re really different, but it’s a good game in the end.”


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Since the beginning of her pregnancy, Carolanne was forced to change some of her habits. “It’s a lot of small sacrifices, and I take them every day. For example, I run regularly, but I’ve been slowing down. In recent years I have not been in the foreground; I’ve done a lot of festivals where I’ve performed mainly as a choir singer. I take it easy Since being pregnant I have had to make a lot of small adjustments like this.”

Carolanne has chosen this new life and has absolutely no regrets from the past. “I still love music and during maternity leave I plan to write. I’d love to surround myself with a team and do a mini-album or an album,” announces the artist, less comfortable with the showbiz aspect of the job. “If I had wanted a great career, I could have made more efforts and steps. I started young, at 18. I didn’t know who I was and I had to learn a lot about myself. But it was quite an experience! I’ve learned a lot and will never regret it.”

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