A text by Katherine Levac about the world of humor makes Quebec artists react strongly

This week Katherine Levac shared a text on her social networks in which she spoke about the world of humor and the place of women in it.

In 2014 I attended my first Just for Laughs Gala. Back then we chose one girl per gala, “there aren’t enough good girls, we don’t have a choice. »

That summer we were torn between Mélanie Couture and me.

There were other aspiring comedians in the running, but they were in a different category because they were boys she says first.

So I was chosen for the show, I was no better than Mélanie but it was impossible to have two girls at the same gala. Too risky, too lucky we’re talking about female issues shouldn’t half of the “damn” room identify with what we’re saying. »

She adds: ” When people asked me back then if it was difficult being a comedian, I was quick to answer no, that you just have to be funny to make a name for yourself, people thought I’d be cool to answer that, and badass being a girl a world full of boys. I’ve trivialized the sexist issues in our community and that has put a lot of people at ease. The truth is I felt alone.

Three years ago I hosted a gala at Just for Laughs and was congratulated for being one of the first women to host an evening at the festival. I felt no honor, I felt embarrassed, I was like wtf esti. Uncomfortable that we wanted to entrust this mandate to a woman three times in almost 40 years. As if we were ponies. However. »

She then says she is proud of her friend Rosalie Vaillancourt, who “ animated its second gala, surrounded by writers at the script writing, a gala that featured more female comedians without being a statement or special event “.

The last few days have certainly been tough for our community, but on Saturday night I was proud to be a part of it. »

Rosalie Vaillancourt responded to her friend’s statement as follows: i’m crying my friend You’re so good. But I thought you weren’t fast, I remember hahaha. »

Melanie Couture also replied: “ It hurt and I saw you rock and I was proud despite my disappointment because I knew we were all taking a step forward. 🧡🧡 GOOD WORK GIRL! »

Many other personalities, including Jay Du Temple, Coeur de pirate, Élyse Marquis, Julie Le Breton, Guillaume Lambert, France D’Amour, Anne-Marie Withenshaw and Julie Ringuette, have commented on and/or re-shared their publication.

Remember that Kim Lévesque-Lizotte also published a much shared text regarding the recent controversy in the world of humor. Read it here.

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