TO SEE | The crew of the Pope’s plane discover poutine in Quebec!

The crew of the Pope’s plane paid for the treats by sampling the flavors of Quebec after arriving in Quebec on Wednesday.

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The group of about twenty people, all Italians, wanted to eat typical Quebec food.

Avjet’s Pierre Morrissette, who accompanied them, introduced them to the Chic Shack restaurant on Place d’Armes in Old Quebec.

“The crew asked, ‘We want to eat something local.’ So we took her to Chic Shack. They ordered everything on the menu: poutine en masse, homemade fries,” explains Mr. Morrissette.

The place offers burgers, salads, milkshakes, homemade sodas, and poutines made with ingredients from local suppliers.

courtesy of Pierre Morrissette

Multiple photos show the crew sharing good times around the table and eating poutine.

“After dinner, the crew wanted to continue the pure Quebec experience. We met at the Coureur des bois at Château Frontenac. But not for long because after such a long day everyone was super tired,” added Pierre Morrissette to TVA Nouvelles.

If normally the Pope’s entourage consists of men, surprisingly in the cockpit the pilot of the Holy Father’s plane is a woman! The rest of the group consists of cabin crew and support staff.

The pilot of the plane in the middle | courtesy of Pierre Morrissette

“It is an honor for them to fly this aircraft. Every time they board, they are blessed by the Pope,” specifies Mr. Morissette.

The plane is an Airbus A330, which the manufacturer says can carry up to 400 passengers for commercial flights, but several arrangements are possible and we bet Pope’s is something very special.

To welcome the Holy Father, a specially adapted wheelchair-accessible platform was provided for the arrival of the plane.

courtesy of Pierre Morrissette

Contrary to expectations, the Pope stood up straight and didn’t need his chair, as shown in a rare photograph taken from this perspective on the apron at Jean-Lesage Airport yesterday.

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