The baby with the white lock of hair turned 4 this year and has changed a lot

Do you remember that adorable little girl who was born with a white stripe? The baby is now a four year old girl. She had surprised everyone when she was born except her mother who suffers from a genetic disease piebaldism. The little girl is totally cute as the site shows ipnoze.

Mayah’s mother soon began sharing photos of the little girl. A great hit on social networks! Talyta shares her daughter’s photos to everyone’s delight! She even plays with that white curl that reminds us of Cruella from the 101 Dalmatians ! Internet users crack ahead this cup!

Little Mayah is now four years old and is still rocking the internet!

Little Mayah’s mother explains:“My pregnancy was not easy. I lived in Australia with my husband for almost 5 years. In February 2018 I found out I was pregnant. I never thought I would get pregnant at 40. Despite everything, we were very happy and really wanted to have this baby. We were willing to do anything to shower him with love. » She also adds: “A few days after hearing the news, the uneasiness hit me and intensified to the point where I couldn’t anymore no longer leave the house. Then I stopped studying and working and was hospitalized. I discovered that I had hyperemesis gravidarum. »

A grueling moment for this Brazilian mother. “It was the worst phase of my life and I wasn’t able to enjoy my pregnancy the way I wanted to. I was very sad. Luckily I had the help of great friends during this time. I always say that II didn’t have to die to see angels as I’ve met them in real life. »

An adorable little girl who drives her mom mad with love!

“We returned to Brazil in mid-2018. I wanted to end my pregnancy close to my family and feel safe. On November 20th, 2018, after 23 hours of intense labour, I delivered by cesarean section. I knew my life would change, but not so drastically. Mayah was born with a beautiful white wick in my hair and since that day my life has blossomed”, explains the mother again.

“I suffered a lot as a child bullying because of my looks and my marks on my body. I spent my entire childhood and adolescence hiding behind clothes and makeup. In my early twenties I realized that I was unique, that made me special. » But today, little Mayah is a fulfilled little girl who we love to follow on Instagram!

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