Intense scenes on the set of La meute

“It’s an important and important story,” explains the author of The package, Catherine-Anne Toupin. The actress’ work, which has been shown several times in theatres, will be transferred to the big screen under the direction of director Anne Émond.

When it’s a director chosen to bring the psychological tension to the screen The package, It’s no coincidence. For Catherine-Anne Toupin, creator of the play and screenwriter of the feature film, it was important that this story of violence be presented from a female point of view.

“There are little nuances, little fears and little weaknesses that would probably be less instinctive for a man to understand and humanly experience,” she explains.

By “that” she means the story of Sophie, a hunted and traumatized young woman who, hundreds of kilometers from home, is welcomed by Martin and her aunt Louise in search of her reality. And a series of events that must be kept secret, oblige suspense and twists.

Professional love at first sight

“There are a lot of people who wanted to make a movie out of the play, but my gut told me it wasn’t,” says the man, who had already received two calls from directors the day after the theatrical premiere. I have met 12 talented people who would be a pleasure to work with but when I met Anne [Émond], she had been talking to me about the script for 15 minutes and it was like she got inside my head. Since I’m a very impulsive and instinctive person, I asked her to direct the film. It’s my script, but it’s Anne’s film. »

Director Anne Émond.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Gelineau

Director Anne Émond.

If we can speak of a professional lightning bolt between Catherine-Anne and Anne Émond, we can also speak of unwavering trust between the three main actors; the same as in the piece.

Catherine-Anne takes on the role of Sophie, Guillaume Cyr that of Martin and Lise Roy that of his aunt Louise. A trio that the creator would never have wanted to replace and an essential mutual trust to bring this story to difficult themes and scenes.

Guillaume Cyr in La meute.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Gelineau

Guillaume Cyr in La meute.

“That was one of the director’s fears…she didn’t want our acting to be too theatrical,” explains Guillaume Cyr, who is here in his 25th feature film. For me it is rather an extreme advantage to have played this piece 80 times. Our trio knows the dynamics very well and the characters are clear. For the rest, it is the experience that allows us to qualify our game.”

Delayed by a week due to COVID cases in the team (including Guillaume Cyr himself), the feature film, which was produced by Félize Frappier for Max Films Media, Louis Morissette and Louis-Philippe Drolet for KO24, began shooting on July 4th . Twenty-nine days of shooting are planned for this set, which has tightened its hygiene measures.



Catherine-Anne Toupin on the set of La Meute

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