“I’m a one-shot guy” – Vincent-Guillaume Otis

After a busy last year – the end of district 31The film Norburg –, Vincent-Guillaume Otis uses his summer to fill up on family time and vacations. In August next year, the actor will begin rehearsals for the play The son, marking his return to the stage at the theater. Then follows a mysterious television series.

“I try to choose projects that allow me to do something different,” explains the man who plays Patrick Bissonnette district 31 for six years. By “something different” he means turning away from his investigative character, which resembled him in morals and humor.

Met on the film’s red carpet confessions by Luc Picard (in which his wife, actress Éveline Gélinas, plays), the actor explained that he had just returned from a family trip with their three children. If he continues to use his two-month sabbatical, he trusts that his character is in play The son already inhabits it. Rehearsals begin August 22nd.

“It’s a good big challenge, quite a demanding piece directed by René Richard Cyr and it’s going to be staged at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert,” explains the man whose last presence on the stages is more than six years The Orange Grove. It’s a good record, both logistically and emotionally. I am already working on the text to know it well in the rehearsal. »

And the TV?

The actor admits that he refused filming in order to fully immerse himself in this role in the theater.

” That Thrill of the theatre, getting out of the comfort zone, rehearsing and taking the time to work on the character, it was that risk zone that I missed, he says. It’s doing, repeating and being in a rehearsal space, which is a space sheltered from any rapid performance. We have time to make mistakes. »

The theater will keep the actor busy until November, then after a six-month break he will devote all his time to a new and mysterious project. A first role in a TV series, which he cannot say anything about at the moment, except that his character will be very different than in district 31.

“It’s a very nice TV project that will take up a lot of my time. At the moment it’s still in its infancy, the project exists, we’re going to shoot it, there’s a team and an author. There we are at the point where the script is being written and we’re going to work on it. »

Since his new series won’t see the light of day for some time, Vincent-Guillaume wants to “sink into oblivion a bit” until then, to surprise people and give the general public time to let go – just like he did to – his Patrick Bissonnette character.

♦ The room The sonby Florian Zeller, opens the 2022-2023 theater season on September 27th at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert.

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