Festival Security | These artists who stop everything

Musicians, whether niche or mainstream, have been paying more attention to their audience than ever since the Astroworld tragedy. Here are some examples.

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Charles Eric Blais Poulin

Charles Eric Blais Poulin
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1ah July 2022

British diva Adele has suspended her performance at the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London four times to call for medical attention in crowds. “Right in the middle, see where they’re all waving?” asked Adele in the middle skyfall. Can you see them, can you go there? They come, they come. Please step aside. »

Billie Eilish

June 11, 2022

Billie Eilish is putting her concert at the Millennium Dome in the British capital on hold. The American singer noted that viewers who were bothered by the heat passed out. “Step back, give everyone space,” she demands during a three-minute break. Billie Eilish has often shown similar consideration for her fans during her tour Happier than ever in the USA.


1ah June 2022

In Ohio, Slipknot drops his instruments to help a fan in need. “Wait guys, wait! ordered its leader Corey Taylor. Something is happening there. Can we have paramedics Everyone steps back, give them space. The gesture was not insignificant: while the American nu metal formation was playing sulfur In Illinois in the summer of 2019, before the pandemic, a 62-year-old spectator was thrown to the ground in an accident mosh pitcompact assembly in front of the stage). And succumbed to his injuries…

Stone Temple pilots

March 26, 2022

Singer Jeff Gutt orders fellow Stone Temple Pilots to stop performing at Australia’s Under the Southern Stars festival. A fight has just broken out near the stage. “Stop fighting, there’s enough hate in this damn world,” says the singer before calling security.

doja cat

March 20, 2022

American rapper Doja Cat interrupts her concert for five minutes during the Argentine version of Lollapalooza after a fan passed out in a packed crowd. “Someone out there needs help. are you ok I’m right ? Someone needs help,” she says. She makes sure “everything is okay” before continuing her game PlanetHer.


November 14, 2021

Ten days after the Astroworld tragedy, R&B singer-songwriter SZA stops singing in Salt Lake City, Utah, when she spots a fan who appears to have passed out. She immediately asks security personnel to offer spectators as many bottles of water as possible, even if they have to be taken to her dressing room to do so. SZA sang during Travis Scott’s Murder Festival 2021. “Some might be like, ‘Hey, people faint all the time.’ But people don’t always die at concerts,” she said.

Linkin Park

Although more frequent in the last year, concert interruptions are not new. An undated video of a Linkin Park performance has gone viral following the events in Houston as an example of good practice. The rock metal band cut short their intro after spotting an ailing viewer inside mosh pit. “Pick it up! Pick it up in a minute!” shouted Chester Bennington, the leader of Linkin Park who committed suicide in 2017. “Sorry guys, we really have to keep safety first,” added Mike Shinoda. No one’s getting hurt, that’s it Most importantly, Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky, Playboi Carti and Drake have all suspended their performances for safety reasons in recent years.

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