Le Bedeau: Searching for the perfect combination

Following boreal cuisine and vegetable appreciation, chef Arnaud Marchand opens a new restaurant on Quebec’s rue Saint-Jean, Le Bedeau. At this address, wine and food go hand in hand.

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Karyne Duplessis Piche

Karyne Duplessis Piche
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Since his notable appearance on the show The leaders!, 2010 Arnaud Marchand combines the projects: restaurants, counter, ready meals and books. However, one idea had not yet materialized: opening a wine bar.

“Wine has real power over the dish,” he says. If the deal is successful, the experience is unprecedented. »

Before settling in Quebec, the chef worked for several seasons at Les Airelles, a starred restaurant in the French Alps. He recalled the grandiose pairings between wine and food. For this reason, Le Bedeau is not a bar, but a restaurant where wine is the protagonist.

Arnaud Marchand has teamed up with Pierre Gagnon, Executive Chef, who has long accompanied him at Chez Boulay, his other eatery a few doors down on rue Saint-Jean.


Pierre Gagnon, chef at Le Bedeau restaurant, soon to open on rue Saint-Jean in Quebec.

The map was designed by Kim Colonna. The sommelier consultant selected about thirty “atypical” cuvées and then worked with the chef to find combinations worthy of seventh heaven.

Brilliant and explosive!

Among them, Domaine Henri Richard’s Coteau Bourguignon, a blend of ten varietals paired with a mackerel fillet, romesco sauce and chorizo. “You don’t expect this pairing with a fish, it’s just awesome!” says Mr. Colonna.

The sommelier was also impressed by the dessert, which is served with a Greek orange wine from the Kamara winery. The cuvée Assyrtiko was vinified with pine resin, as is traditional in Greece with retsina. The wedding with the olive cake and pine-flavored ice cream at Le Bedeau is, in his opinion, unforgettable. “You find yourself with a freshness, as if you were in a coniferous forest,” he adds. It explodes in your mouth! »

Arnaud Marchand dreams of a sommelier course, but he doesn’t have the time between cooking, restaurant management and his three children.

With Le Bedeau, Arnaud Marchand wants to make wine popular. Whether by creating the perfect pairing or simply by accompanying a plate of charcuterie with a good drink.

Not surprisingly, the Bedeau menu features Quebec wines, including wines from Domaine de l’Espiègle and Clos Sainte-Thècle. A cask from the Réserve du bout de l’île, a white from Domaine Sainte-Pétronille, has been specially reserved for a corn pairing that will take the spotlight later this summer.

Homage to tradition

The opening of Le Beadeau, scheduled for the week of July 24, coincides with the Pope’s visit to Canada. Pure random! Although the name of Arnaud Marchand’s new restaurant is reminiscent of the waiter who attends to the sacramental wine in the Catholic Church, the place has nothing religious about it… apart from a few references.

“I found a huge piece of church furniture on Marketplace, no, huge,” he says. I didn’t know what to do with it, but I fell in love. »

The old furniture is now in the new premises on rue Saint-Jean and has inspired the decoration without going overboard, says Mr. Marchand. For example, 14 panels are in preparation. You will remember a “wine crossroads”. The toilets were also decorated according to the theme of the confessional.

“It’s a tribute to tradition,” adds the chef.

Le Bedeau is open four nights a week from Wednesday to Saturday.

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