Hybrid work | Five reasons to adopt it

The pandemic has given way to teleworking. Many employers now offer hybrid work. Here are some quotes from industry players on this new reality.

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It’s not the fact of working in front of the screen all day that draws people in, but rather the benefits of being at home: housework, the opportunity to work out of town, the quick transition from work to sport, time for the Family . As a result, organizations now need to think about how to deliver these benefits in hybrid mode as well. […] It’s up to companies to tailor their perks to their talents and interests.

Vincent Fortin, President and Partner of the Republic advertising agency

Perhaps what teleworking has made possible is restoring that quality of life, that ability to organize better, to regain time.

Tania Saba, Professor at the School of Industrial Relations

[…] Teleworking has made it possible to fully meet this need as we have had to learn to give employees clear goals but also give them the leeway to achieve them. […] Many have found pleasure in the elimination of travel time, and often these people put those hours into work, which is good for the company’s efficiency.

François Courcy, occupational psychologist, professor at the University of Sherbrooke and consultant at the Center de formation par l’action

Managers must create an appropriate working environment that takes into account the individual flexibility needs of each individual. Some employees must continue to switch between remote and face-to-face work to be productive, while others must return to the office full-time. This requires listening to our teams, entering into dialogue and promoting an open and direct exchange. Excellent managers today show great empathy and create trust in their teams.

Marc Giguère, partner at Intel2Talent

I come every other week because I have my daughter every other week. I can pick up my daughter at 3:30pm. […] That enables me to have this quality of life there: less time in traffic, more flexibility, I can do yoga at 10 a.m. in the morning and that’s ok, I have quality of life in my neighborhood, I’m pedagogically present, I ensure presence at home and I have the opportunity to network with colleagues.

Josee Daoust, Senior Director, Employee Experience, at Tank Worldwide

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