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Combining craft sorbet and microbrewery beers? That’s the idea behind La Sorbière, a completely new creation that has been the talk of the Sherbrooke region since its launch at the end of May. The inspiration for this fruity beer sorbet came during the pandemic thanks to a partnership between Gelateria Savo and Microbrewery Boquébière, two Sherbrooke-based companies.

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Catherine Schlager

Catherine Schlager
The press

“The idea didn’t come from something we’ve seen elsewhere. We envisioned the project last summer, me and Yann Doyon from Savo, during restaurant events. We then spent six months developing everything,” explains Charles Gagné, co-owner and brewer of Boquébière.

  • The blackberry scent


    The blackberry scent

  • The pina colada taste


    The pina colada taste

  • The tropical scent


    The tropical scent


Available in three flavors (tropical, blackberry and piña colada), the sorbière comes in a pretty, colorful tin that you open by pulling on the ring like a regular tin, except the lid comes off completely. Attached to this with a bracelet is a compostable wooden spoon – which can be stored – for immediate consumption.

And how do you manage to manufacture such a product?

The process is similar to one Beer Smoothie [un assemblage de bière et de purée de fruits]. Then pass everything through an ice machine.

Charles Gagné, co-owner and brewer of Boquébière

The brewer states that the product is made at the Wellington Street Brewery thanks to a loan of equipment and Savo’s know-how.

Various Boquébière beers were used to create the recipes. For the tropical flavor we used Pure Vida, a New England IPA; the blackberry variety was created with Petit Party Fruité, a Haskap sour beer, blackcurrant and raspberry; A pineapple IPA milkshake with lactose is the origin of the piña colada flavor.

A test production of 5000 cans was conducted to see the enthusiasm of the market; a second start of production will take place in the summer as the response was strong and immediate. When we visited Sherbrooke at the end of June, we were told that the sold out cans of Sorbière would be back on the shelves by mid-July.

Currently only offered in the Sherbrooke region, the Sorbière could potentially become more widespread. The brewer claims the microbrewery doesn’t have a freezer truck, but would like to be able to.

La Sorbière is available in a 355ml format at a suggested price of $7.99.

For testing

We were able to taste two of the three types, either blackberry and tropical. When we open the tin, we are surprised by the sorbet, which literally comes out of the tin and triggers an immediate “wow” effect. The blackberry scent, tart and very fruity, is more reminiscent of sorbet in its texture and tastes very little like beer. The sweeter, tropical scent has a slight bitterness. Its texture is smoother and creamier, and its beer flavor is more pronounced. Both variants have an alcohol content of 4%.

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