How Much Do Michael Jackson’s Children Earn?

Since the death of their father on June 25, 2009, the King of Pop’s children have received a significant inheritance each year. How much will Paris Jackson, Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II (Blanket) get?

[Mise à jour du 25 juillet 2022 à 11h01]. Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009, leaving behind three children (Paris Jackson, Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II called Blanket). Raised under the care of their mother, Katherine Jackson, the King of Pop’s heirs continue to uphold his memory 13 years after their father’s death. The beginnings were difficult, however, because contrary to what one might think, Michael Jackson left $400 million in debt. Today the amount his children receive is very different: According to The Mirror Paris, Prince and Blanket reportedly make nearly $300 million each year !

So these would be now lifetime multimillionairesthanks to a well-orchestrated succession. “The executors were able to create exceptional and unique opportunities that did not exist at the time of Michael Jackson’s death to generate significant revenue and enhance his image and legacy for the benefit of the beneficiaries.” identified attorney Jeryll S. Cohen adding that as of December 31, 2021, “The property generated over $2 billion in gross income“. So between musical earnings, copyrights around the world or even the last musical organized on Broadway in February 2022 in honor of the King of Pop… Paris and her brothers no longer have to worry about their future.

What will happen to Michael Jackson’s three children?

Paris jackson was only 11 years old when she suddenly lost her father. After attempting suicide at the age of 14, the now 24-year-old young woman appears to be taking care of herself much better. Like her father, she became a musician. Paris did that soundflowers Group, and recently announced the launch of a reality show on Facebook Watch.

His brother Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., better known as Prince, is now 25 years old. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the King of Pop’s son is a dedicated boy. In particular, he founded the association Heal Los Angeles to distribute free meals to the poorest. Blanket Jackson has started a YouTube channel dedicated to movie reviews.

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