Emilie Fournier is leading the career she always wanted

As a teenager, Émilie Fournier had a very specific goal as a model: to communicate. As soon as she finished her studies, she managed to earn a place in the industry. She has been working as a content producer, columnist and presenter for 10 years. Her journey allows her to be fulfilled for who she is, not what she does.

Émilie, allow us to give an overview of your professional projects.
I’ve just had a big year: I’ve taken on the role of content producer for Star Academy. I’m very happy about the result, but also about the young people who had an unforgettable experience. I also did radio. I fell in love with this medium and have plans for the next year in this regard. I always animate potluck station; we turned 50e show this year. I will also be a content producer for The voice. I’m super proud of this women-led team. I can’t wait to find my friend Charles Lafortune in animation. That was also the case this year vlog, hello hello and hello hello weekend.

For as long as you can remember, have you always been a good communicator?
I’ve never had my tongue in my pocket, even though I’m quite a shy girl. I often say that I chose this job because it gives me the right to express myself and ask questions. I’m very curious, very passionate and I love the world. I started seeing myself in the media when I was 12.

Were you encouraged in this direction?
Yes. My parents had a career in public service. So I had to do things on my own, but they always encouraged me. I liked the oral presentations, I took part in all the school shows. I liked school, but I had to work hard to get good grades, unlike my siblings who never went to college and got A+s. I was an only child for six and a half years. Having such a big age difference with my brother and sister (Twins) reminds me of when my parents told me i was going to be a big sister and the day they were born. I loved getting involved and being there for them. Her arrival was a beautiful gift in my life. It was important to my parents that we go to university. When it came to communication, I didn’t opt ​​for the journalism profile, but for public relations. I told myself that there were so few chosen ones that if I didn’t succeed in my field, I would retreat to my feet. I wasn’t sure if I would be successful.

Photo: Karine Levesque

Do you think doubts make you better?
I don’t know if it makes me better, but it takes up a lot of space. There was always fear in my personality. I think I turned it into a tool, but sometimes it went too far. When I was at university I wanted to be successful, to find my place and I wondered how to do that.

You mentioned your fear in the media. Do you think this helped create a connection to those struggling with this widespread problem?
Yes, but I’ve noticed that since I’ve talked about this, people have said they’re surprised to know I’m anxious. I think we need to stop thinking that anxiety or mental health issues come from a weakness. There are so many charms in our society; Overflows are normal. There are tools including consulting a psychologist or meditation.

When did the first signs appear?
The moments of vulnerability occurred concretely while modeling. As a teenager, I was a street vendor, played basketball, and hung out with the guys at the skate park. Through modeling I was able to pay for my studies. I discovered a great passion for fashion and the fine arts, but at 16 I was never aware of my body. We started criticizing him. Today the fashion industry has evolved, it’s more diverse, but when I was a teenager we preferred slim silhouettes. I’m slim, but I’ve always had curves. When I was young, I had to analyze my body professionally. At 16, I wanted to do so well with my sensitivity that I developed complexes.

Could you count on the support of those around you?
Yes. Luckily my parents took good care of me. I still respected my boundaries. If I hadn’t found the right people to help me in this environment, the damage could have been profound. My parents didn’t approve of putting me on a diet. They exercised good judgment. I’m efficient by nature, I like to get things done. I think it was a fear trigger. In my head it’s like I didn’t keep my commitments. At 16 I couldn’t say I needed to lose 20 pounds and 2 inches from my hips.

It’s awful when you think about it…
As a matter of fact. It was also around that time that I started going to film sets, meeting directors, doing auditions. I continued my studies. After graduating from high school, I worked in the events sector and took a course at Promédia to prepare for the camera. As soon as I finished my training, I got my first contract. I felt I had to pursue my ambitions. My first real deal was multiplatform at Quebecor. It was the beginning of social networks and I had learned to master them. Then they offered me the web animation StarAc in 2012. It gave me the production and animation experience I needed. Ten years later I was a content producer at Star Academythat was my entry into the industry.

Photo: Karine Levesque

What excites you besides your work?
I love traveling and am a camping fanatic. I also do a lot of sports: yoga, Pilates and running. I even have a passion for pottery and DIY. One of my wildest dreams would be to launch my tableware and homeware line. I’m in a relationship with an Italian and an industrial designer. Eating and enjoying the table are also part of my joys in life. We both share this love of cooking. It’s a nice exchange between Italian cuisine and the classics of the little girl from Lévis. My boyfriend cooks his spaghetti sauce for my parents, who make him a quiche or a beef bourguignon. I also have many friends. Since my family lives in Lévis, I felt the need to surround myself. I’m a very loyal person. I’ve had the same agent since I started: Sonia Gagnon. As soon as I have a moment, I check in and see my world. I am also very close to my paternal grandmother, who is also my godmother. My joy of receiving, caring for people, gathering friends comes from her. My grandmother and I often say that we are little twins. Because of my love for wine, she gave me my grandfather’s bar with his old bottles. I inherited tablecloths, cutlery. In our family we got all the pieces from my grandparents and continue the tradition.

Emilie works with Hello Hello and hello hello weekend (daily from 6 a.m.), as well as at vlogging (Sunday 7 p.m.), on TVA.
potluck station will be presented on Zeste in winter 2023.
You can follow his other activities on his social networks.

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