Dua Lipa delights her fans

Dua Lipa proudly defended her title as the new princess of pop on Monday night in front of a sold out Bell Center. The young Brit delivered there with her tour nostalgia of the future a backfire and compelling concert that its 15,000 fans will not soon forget.

Dua Lipa fans have been waiting for this for a while; The show, originally scheduled for last February, saw the singer finally burn the amphitheater boards on Monday night after four years away from the metropolis.

The singer posted a photo of herself with her brother Gjin in a city park on her Instagram account on Monday.

Photo from Instagram

The singer posted a photo of herself with her brother Gjin in a city park on her Instagram account on Monday.

And she wasted no time setting the powder on fire, coming on stage with the bomb just after 9 p.m Physically, greeted by a swollen and incredibly loud crowd. Won in advance, these fans? Certainly. But the young pop star spared no effort to live up to this reception, which is usually reserved for the biggest.

Worthy of the great

Because it’s ultimately a concert worthy of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cher and other pop icons that Dua Lipa has been unpacking on stages around the world for several months. Projections, giant screens, an army of dancers, vibrant and colorful costumes, confetti and other stunning visual effects… it’s all there. And all of that covers the whole album nicely nostalgia of the futurewhich she unpacks in just under 95 minutes.

It must be said that it is thanks to this opus, released in 2020, that she inherited this title of the new princess of pop, making waves on the planet’s charts.

To say the fans crammed into the Bell Center were overexcited would be an understatement as the atmosphere was electric. In fact, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a concert that was so warmly received; Spectators jumped off the floor and whole stands before Dua Lipa even took the stage. And for most of them, their butts never even touched their bench and sang in unison Don’t start now, break my heart and love againall delivered with no downtime.

At a glance, we can safely say that they have forgotten the gloom of the pandemic that has affected them for more than two years. And that was good to see.


Let’s say it anyway, Dua Lipa isn’t exactly known for her dancing skills. But his presence on stage, his vocal ability and his sense of showmanship are more than enough to make people forgive his sometimes mechanical and shaky movements.

We bet the majority of her fans won’t notice when she throws dust in their eyes and dazzles them with her catchy pop beats? And that’s exactly what a true princess of pop should do.

At the time of writing, the concert was still in full swing, with the Dua Lipa dancers providing a musical interlude during a costume change. That A kiss, cold heart and Hover were still expected, but included in the program of the evening.

  • Dua Lipa is expected in Toronto on Wednesday night and will be back in Montreal on Sunday as part of Osheaga.

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