Clodine Desrochers shares a hilarious travel anecdote with her new lover

During her trip to Italy, Clodine Desrochers experienced a rather comical story with her lover, which she happily told her subscribers.

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Clodine and her lover had a pretty funny moment when they were intercepted on the ferry between Amalfi and Maiori by a couple to ask for a photo… believing that Clodine’s lover was actually none other than Bruce Willis !

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“Hey! On the ferry between Amalfi and Maiori, some Italians looked at my friend very excitedly… The man comes up to him and asks him trembling< Sind Sie Bruce Willis? >> and my friend replies tac o tac< ja, aber shhhh🤫..... >> I look at him and say to myself< es ist nicht wahr, mein Gott, y'é ben nono! >> and the overly happy couple asks us to take photos while telling my boyfriend that Die Hard is his best movie ever!! And I’m trying to get my big American accent 😂😂😂 #funnyprank #brucewillis #amalficoast”

The funny thing about this story is that the lovebirds relived this moment twice rather than once, while the same couple did it again the next day and even alerted the ferry crew.

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“Here we go again 😂 the same couple from yesterday are in Positano as us and they followed us thinking my boyfriend was Bruce Willis!! the girl wanted to take her picture again! My god that’s funny 🤣 they told the boys on the ferry the worst and they also had their picture taken! toll dine! We get caught with our lies 😝 A plan to get thrown overboard when they realize we’re fooling around #fauxbrucewillis #jokedevacances #hilarious”

We admit we see the resemblance too!

This is the first time Clodine has revealed the identity of her lover, who she has been with for almost a year, to her followers on Instagram.

Besides this anecdote, she shared several other travel memories on her account. See a few here.

Very weird!

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