18 seconds is enough to steal a vehicle

In Quebec, and particularly in Montreal, vehicle theft is a real scourge. In the past few weeks, no fewer than three car journalists have had their vehicle they tested stolen!

On the QUB Radio program Le Guide de l’auto, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer received Pierre Lévesque, retailer and installer of the Domino tracking system.

Alarming statistics

To illustrate the scale and seriousness of the situation, Mr Lévesque has just presented some absolutely alarming statistics on vehicle thefts.

“40% of stolen vehicles that end up in the port of Montreal are from Montreal. 30% come from the rest of Quebec and the last 30% from Ontario. The vehicles are often sent to Africa or the Middle East. 5200 SUVs were stolen in 2021. Of these, 40% were Honda CR-Vs,” says Mr. Lévesque.

Other vehicles most popular with thieves are the Ford F-150, Lexus SUVs, Honda Civic, Toyota Highlander and Toyota Tacoma.

A vehicle is stolen every 15 minutes in Quebec. Mr Lévesque states that it takes just 18 seconds to steal a vehicle with a key signal repeater.

How it works?

The well-known company TAG uses RFID technology and triangulation in its tracking system. For its part, Domino uses GPS technology. “Our big advantage with Domino is that tracking is activated without a squad member having to jump in their vehicle and search for the stolen vehicle,” explains Mr. Lévesque. He adds that the system senses the vehicle when it’s moving and the technology allows for a tolerance of five metres.

Mr Lévesque also mentions that statistics show that a tracking system reduces the risk of your vehicle being stolen by 90%.

How much is it?

The domino system costs $349. It saves a hundred dollars a year in insurance costs. “Our facilities are always confidential. Nobody visits our facilities,” says Mr. Lévesque to protect the efficiency of the system.

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