Renée Zellweger has completely transformed in this new TV series

Inspired by an authentic message, pam the devil looks back on a sordid case in which a husband was wrongly accused of murdering his wife. This is an opportunity to see a Renée Zellweger morph into the skin of a formidable manipulator!

On December 27, 2011, bad news roused the small town of Troy, Missouri from its hibernation. Returning home after a night out with friends, Russ Faria discovers the body of his wife Betsy, lying on the living room floor with her arms slashed and a knife in her throat. Distraught, the husband immediately dials 9-1-1 and between tears declares that his wife has committed suicide. However, everything indicates that the unfortunate Betsy Faria was brutally murdered.

The last person to see the victim alive was none other than her best friend Pamela Hupp. Concerned for her friend’s health, fresh from chemotherapy, Pam (strongly) insisted on picking up Betsy from her mother Janet before driving her home. Pam also suggested spending the end of the evening with her and seeing a movie. Betsy, a little tired, then let him know that she preferred to rest… But what happened next?

An unlikely suicide

That’s what Detective Ryan McCarrick and Captain Mike Lang are trying to find out. Shortly after Russ called 9-1-1, the two officers arrived at the scene and immediately suspected the husband of doing the job. McCarrick notices that one of the victim’s stockings is hanging oddly from the toe of his foot, and Lang notices signs of a struggle. In addition, Betsy seems to have received dozens of stab wounds, which makes the suicide thesis much less likely. McCarrick and Lang then decide to take Russ Faria to the police station to question him, being careful not to tell him that he is now a suspect in the murder. The two police officers are increasingly convinced of his guilt. They think he overdid it when he called 9-1-1 like he was hiding something.

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After discovering his wife’s injured body, Russ (Glenn Fleshler) becomes the police’s prime suspect.

Once Russ is in the interrogation room, Detective Michael Merkel begins questioning him about his relationship. The suspect does not hide the fact that his relationship with Betsy has endured some torment in 12 years of marriage. The couple even went so far as to separate for a while before putting the pieces back together, thanks to the miraculous intervention of a new pastor. As Merkel ponders whether Betsy might have good reasons for wanting to end her life, Russ explains that she recently had a recurrence of breast cancer that required a double mastectomy.

called guilty

However, Russ may have a hard time convincing police and District Attorney Leah Askey that he didn’t murder his wife. Especially since Betsy’s best friend doesn’t hesitate to portray Russ as the ideal offender. Questioned at her home the day after the tragedy, Pam tells police that the couple had broken up several times and that Russ may be having violent fits of hysterics. According to Pam, he even had fun pretending to kill Betsy by putting a pillow on her face.

District Attorney Leah Askey (Judy Greer) is convinced of Russ' guilt.

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District Attorney Leah Askey (Judy Greer) is convinced of Russ’ guilt.

On the other hand, Pam is far from the good friend she claims to be. Your statement to the police is full of inconsistencies. We quickly discover that she’s lost in her lies, particularly by claiming that by the time she escorted Betsy home, Russ had already returned home. Behind the image of an exemplary woman that she tries to convey, in reality hides a devilish man and a great manipulator. What if she was the one who stabbed the unfortunate Betsy?

Pam has no problem telling her lies to the police and her husband Mark (Sean Bridgers).

Photo: Me and Co.

Pam has no problem telling her lies to the police and her husband Mark (Sean Bridgers).

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