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After the disappearance of the “N-word”, will we witness the disappearance of the “F-word” on Radio-Canada?

We’ve been able to ask that question ever since a Crown Corporation journalist, Angie Landry, used the phrase “people with wombs” instead of the word “women” in a report on the effects of the vaccine.

For a columnist or moderator to play with this Orwellian terminology to look good with the awakened community is one thing. They can say outrageous things if they accept them.

But for a journalist to use Newspeak in a factual report is worrying.


Even on Radio-Canada, host Isabelle Craig had the courage to write, “No! I am not a “person with a uterus”, no offense to my colleague(s). And no, saying that doesn’t make me transphobic or homophobic.” She later deleted her tweet, saying there was “no pressure from [s]an employer”.

When the news caused an outcry, a real outcry, Radio-Canada withdrew, removed the phrase “people with a womb” and even published a box explaining: “These wording could imply that the identification of women on biological terms was reduced, which was also not the intention”.

The problem is that in its box, Radio-Canada never mentions the deleted phrase. It’s still weird!

Luckily I took a screenshot of the first version of the text. You can never be too careful with Radio-Canada…

This practice of substituting “person with a womb” for “woman” so as not to offend transgender or non-binary people is not only ridiculous but also hypocritical.

Do you know a single person who expresses themselves like this in their daily life? Even the tallest of guards doesn’t, in a moment of panic, exclaim, “The person with a uterus down the street is getting run over!” »

Can you imagine if at the time of Aline Desjardins we presented a program on television entitled People with a modern uterus ?

Should Michel Tremblay’s novel be retitled: The fat woman with the uterus next door is pregnant ? What to say about this great classic of Quebec cinema: Two people with golden wombs ?

What if we applied the same practice to men? We no longer use the word man and replace it with “man with a prostate”.

A person with a jack of all trades prostate, by Micheline Lanctot. Let’s hum “chabadabada” during Lelouch’s movie: A person with a prostate and a person with a uterus ? Guy A. Lepage Comedy Show, A person with a prostate, a person with a uterus.


If we remove the word woman from our vocabulary, we eliminate the presence of women in public spaces. How can we speak of the Conseil du statut de la femme, the minister responsible for the status of women, and even of “feminism” or “feminicide” if we eliminate the word itself?

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