After a year full of emotions, Stéphane Fallu takes stock

Stéphane Fallu has been going through turbulent months since January. “It’s been a rather strange year so far,” he admits, with good moments and not so good moments. A brief participation in Big Brother Celebrities after a late start, a nice invitation to Live from the Universe… Still active, the presenter and humorist directs several projects at a professional level, but also continues his commitment to young people.

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Stéphane, your year began with a passage that got people talking Big Brother. What do you remember?
Since I had vided the day before entering the house, it changed my plans. So I arrived one week after the other and stayed there for six days; it was very short! I’ve talked too much I did everything I didn’t want to do. Nothing was normal, but that’s very Fallu: There’s always something special happening. I treated it all as a game and tried to be as authentic as possible. I was disappointed but not angry. After I left I thought people would laugh at me, but it was just the opposite. I have received thousands of messages from people telling me that they recognized me at work, at school. It seems that when I experience an emotion, I talk about my host families or animal shelterfor example, it affects a lot more people who have experienced it than I thought.

I feel like we can’t not love you. You’ve always had the image of the good, friendly guy!
I would say that character is dead there. I no longer want to be loved by everyone; I think it gave me that to be a part of it Big Brother and that people appreciated that I stayed myself. You know me. And I think that’s it animal shelter who opened a door. But you know, I can be silly too. Yes, I’m a good guy, but I’m not reliable, I don’t listen all the time, I’m not punctual… I don’t want to define myself as a super good person, but it remains that I love justice and remain highly sensitive .

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Shortly after leaving Big BrotherFrance Beaudoin has invited you live from the universe. How did you react?
I freaked out! I had had one of the strangest weeks, and then I got this invitation. Ah! that was fun! It seemed like people were rediscovering me or people in the industry were seeing that the public liked me and wanted to hear what I had to say. I’ve been doing this job for a long time; There are people who love you, others not so much. I focus on those who love me.

You have a lot of work, but we can say that it hasn’t always been easy for you…
It’s been a long process, except when I look around I see there are so many whose history is unknown. My case is not unique. It’s just that I have a pig’s head and I always thought I had a little talent. I work a lot, I have great projects ahead of me, and it’s great, but even when it didn’t work out, I always tried my best.

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We can see the eighth season of animal shelter on true. It’s a special edition…
It was another experience needed in the life of the show. We talked a lot about foster families and organizations that came to pick up animals. We decided to follow one of them, the Aristopattes. This is a gang of girls who work 90 hours a week. People tell me I’m good at it, but that’s not because of me, it’s because of them! I remain a volunteer working with others and we tackle it. The Aristopattes are the animals’ last chance. We have heartbreaking decisions to make, we see tough cases and others that went better. We understand the challenge of being a nonprofit because the reality is that it’s expensive.

At the beginning of Animal Refuge in 2014.

Photo: ©CASA

At the beginning of Animal Refuge in 2014.

Has it shaken you more this season?
no All animals are looking for me. Since we are more with veterinarians, members of foster families. It’s super interesting. We’re talking about more specific issues, it’s not just emotional, it’s concrete. It’s a great season.

How do you feel when you see animals touch people?
Audience participation sucks! We had great reviews. before refugeAnimal magazines existed, but I think we brought something new.

Are you working on something else at the moment?
I’m shooting but I can’t talk about the project. I’m also writing for a show in 2023. I’ve just finished performing no signal, launched before the pandemic and picked up by TVA. I will participate anger at Just for Laughs on July 21st, then at a number with Laurent Paquin and Sylvain Larocque for ComediHa! in August. I will also perform with Mariana Mazza at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

You’ll also be co-hosting the morning show at Rhythm 105.7 in late August. You’re really going!
What’s fun is that I’m in my early 50s and people are still rediscovering me. Many of my friends hardly work anymore – it is Rough grow old for an artist. I could say I’m almost to mine summit. I’m happy and thankful. Everything I have sown has reaped! I don’t mind getting old: my face is wrinkled and girls tell me their mother loves me very much! It’s crazy how many messages I get from people telling me I inspire them! It seems to me that there are so many beautiful models around me that are so much more important.

At the end of August he will be part of Rythme's morning team along with Jeff Boudreault and Marie-Christine Proulx.

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At the end of August he will be part of Rythme’s morning team along with Jeff Boudreault and Marie-Christine Proulx.

Apparently editors have asked you if you want to write about your life?
Yes, and I started it, but it’s a long-term project. I like Pennac, Tremblay, Bourguignon, authors who talk about a drama that isn’t always a drama. Also, during the performance, I say, “If you think your life is over, well, it’s a new beginning, you’re not alone.” Let’s stop isolating ourselves and thinking that we are alone when we experience something …

A house for the youth of the DPJ

He posed with the benevolent team of staff including Philippe Vaillancourt (right), the youth officer.

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He posed with the benevolent team of staff including Philippe Vaillancourt (right), the youth officer.

Stéphane Fallu shows generosity both in his programs and in his commitment to young people and, even if he is surprised, people see in him an inspiring being. His latest project: the Maison Stéphane Fallu, a place of welcome, support and care for young people aged 17 to 25 who have left the DPJ.

You are also involved in a heart project for young adults who left the DPJ less than a year ago. Tell us about it.
POSA people (Open Door to the Future, an organization founded in Chambly in 1998) had a center to help young people and they had the idea to buy a house to house six young people with a life project (DES-DEP-DEC study, qualification or professional development etc.). There will be a spokesman to oversee them. They receive help to continue school and their work. They will learn how to make food, a budget, their laundry.

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And you, what is your role?
I will bring home friends who do TikTok, singers, people who like young people. I’m really embarrassed that the house bears my name – I feel a little weird – but it’s important to take care of these 18 year olds. You don’t need judgment, you need hope. I have always loved being involved in my community and have been working at L’Étoile, a center for social pediatrics, for five years.

To find out more about POSA, Maison Stéphane Fallu or to donate, go to
See Animal Shelter: Aristopaw’s Mission to TRUE.
Stéphane will host the morning show on Rythme FM from August 22nd.
He will be performing at Laurent Paquin’s Gala at the ComediHa! on August 18th. and be at Mariana Mazza’s party at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu International Hot Air Balloon on August 18th.

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