Telenostalgia: comfort and freedom

Television brought much more than moments of entertainment to the kid that was Jordan Dupuis. Thanks to her, he was able to emancipate and reveal himself. A happy throwback to the past.

Jordan, which children’s programs have influenced you?

There are so many! But the ones that automatically throw me back into nostalgia and youth are the ones Natalie’s village for the freedom to be whoever you want (my god, I was a fan of Nathalie Simard!), Iniminimagimo for costumes, creation and theater and of course master key ! I’m 40, I’m 100% Generation master key ! Robin and Stella was important to me too! And during puberty Watatow was the center of my life! How lucky I was to spend my childhood in the golden years of youth television!

What are your fondest TV memories from that time?

That feeling of freedom and escape. I was a different kid from the others and through television I was able to express my full creativity and emancipate myself as an atypical little boy. I was educated, entertained and inspired. I even made mine come out thanks to tv! For me, television was a way out and in safe space important.

Is there a character that influenced you?

The character of Passe-Carreau! I still remember the time I met Claire Pimparé in a shop… I burst into tears because I saw MY passe-carreau up close! She took me in her arms and hugged me tight. It was full of tenderness! I was relocated directly to my childhood.

Is there a character you would have loved to play for children?

To play ? I don’t know, but seen it on TV, yes. I would have liked to have seen more body diversity, sexual and gender diversity, and cultural diversity on screen. Having weighed 345 pounds as a teenager, I never really saw myself as a teenager or even a child in what I saw on TV.

Which universe should the children discover?

When I was little I was fascinated by insects! My mother bought me an amateur microscope and I looked at all kinds of insects. I caught butterflies, bees, caterpillars, etc. Insects are fascinating and essential to life. I think it’s a very interesting universe for a kid…

What do you think of today’s youth television?

I find it both super stimulating and in some ways even extreme. Admittedly we see more diversity there than ever and that’s a good thing, but I think there’s a lot of fiction involved. There is a lack of documentary series, society magazines, youth talk shows.

♦ Currently filming for his new documentary magazine We have arrived which will lead to Unis TV next spring, Jordan Dupuis is not idle. He is part of the show crew. Good Offered TVA and TVA+, he is a contributor to Rouge FM and is busy writing a book detailing his eating disorders and body image. The book is scheduled to be published by Libre Expression in 2023.

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