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“It’s my first show since becoming a mom,” cried Rosalie Vaillancourt, kicking off the first of two Just for Laughs galas she hosted on Saturday night, almost a year to the day after she became four months pregnant organized a similar event. But has motherhood changed Roro?

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Dominic late

Dominic late
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Answer: Rosalie Vaillancourt, the woman, has indeed transformed. Example: The smell of Canadian Tire her lover is impregnated with when he returns from it now tickles him. But Rosalie Vaillacourt, the comedian, she hasn’t changed at all. His opening number was undeniable proof of that.

After the proclamation milf (we’ll have you Google that obscene acronym if you don’t know its meaning), the very energetic hostess unpacked the story of her birth by multiplying the mischievous jokes about the probably gargantuan size of her muscular-slimy tubular organ (her vagina), yes ) .


Rosalie Vaillancourt on stage, Saturday night

In the first degree, the young mother generously pressed the button of vulgarity, but in the subtext conjured up the fear of the forever-changed body that afflicts many women after giving birth. The nice little plague of humor has a promising start to its second release one woman show.

Among the highlights of the evening was Jean-Sébastien Girard, who, through humiliating childhood photos, recalled the jokes he had fallen victim to at school. Although the procedure was often used in stand up Quebecois in recent years, the boy, like no other, was able to use it well to modulate his number somewhere between nasty and emotional. Confidence: The delicate viper almost made us cry.

Véronique Isabel Filion, who starred at Zoofest last week, also hit the mark thanks to that irresistible mix of (fake) shyness and charisma with which she inhabits the stage. Her body image number avoided both self-pity and morality.

For his part, Colin Boudrias has envisioned the day in 2080 when the old man he will have become proclaims that “there is nothing more we can say”. He expertly managed to convey a message of goodwill between the generations without ever sounding Gnangnan while sending some squeaky valves to Justin Trudeau and François Legault. Anyone mourning the demise of social and political humor would shut up immediately if they performed it.

Adib Alkhalidey, on the other hand, attended each of the week’s galas, a feat also accomplished by Yvon Deschamps during the festival’s 25th anniversary.

Certainly, Quebec will never know another Yvon, but Adib has already begun carving his name on the monument to Quebec culture. Let’s just put it this way: On Saturday night, the Quebec artist tore everything down.

At the start of the program, Suzie Bouchard will struggle to find her rhythm. His monologue, nonetheless based on solid lyrics, struggled. As for Jean-Michel Martel, his number enjoyed an excellent flash (a math teacher who confides in his love life through his material), but its effectiveness has been blunted by being rejected in myriad ways.

First TV

Colleague Luc Boulanger pointed out this week: A Just for Laughs gala now looks more like a TV shoot set in a real theater than a real show that would otherwise be filmed for TV.

After endless ramblings from the audience leader, the audience was invited to laughter, applause and even a (fake) standing ovation to make the editors’ job easier. There’s nothing that gets you less excited about eating hot dogs than visiting the factory that makes them.

Could it be that this formula, that of the Galas, has reached the end of its lifespan? In any case, Saturday night lacked the common thread and the specific sparks of an event that one would attend with the impression that something historic could happen there.

Of course, this observation is by no means attributable to Rosalie Vaillancourt and her guests, but to Just for Laughs. At a time when it is possible to hear a number of very good comedians in the brothel or terminal every night of the week, would an event of this nature benefit from doing more and trying to be more… event driven?

events? The only variety of the gala, a surprise hello from Gabrielle Destroismaisons, who came to offer a reinterpretation of her hit Etc to all the mothers who are struggling to put babies to sleep really could have lasted longer if only for Katherine Levac, the whole smile by her side, who seemed to be enjoying one of the happiest moments of her life. She found her friend Rosalie to envision a sequel to her skit from last summer, which was presented while they both carried around nice round bellies.

But the brief moment on stage reserved for the singer was barely over when a voice told us to go out and have a beer in the outdoor area. We would have been happy to dance the night away with Gabrielle, Katherine and Rosalie, or at least until the next chorus.

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