2022 Honda miniMOTO Series | Starting at $2,299 – or a full pickup…

Giorno. grom. Ape. GPS. And Ruckus. These are the colorful names Honda has given to the very small but oh-so-friendly models in its miniMOTO range. The press discovered them in a place that couldn’t be more appropriate: La Ronde.

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Bertrand Gahel
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Toys or means of transport?


The ruckus

Both. Despite names and styles straight out of a comic book, every model in Honda’s unusual miniMOTO range is road legal – but not road legal in Quebec. All run on regular petrol and use a gearbox that is sometimes manual (Grom and Monkey), sometimes automatic (Giorno, Navi and Ruckus). Displacement ranges from 49cc for the Giorno and Ruckus to 125cc for the Grom and Monkey to 109cc for the Navi, while top speeds range from just over 50km/h to just under 100km/h.

Navi, master of the budget


The navigation system

While each of these miniature motorcycles is relatively affordable, the Navi’s suggested retail price puts it in a class of its own. In fact, it’s available for just under $2,299 – plus taxes, shipping, set-up costs, etc. According to the Honda Canada website, we’re talking about $13 a week financing! This almost unbelievable price is partly due to the fact that the model was developed for the Indian market, where millions of tiny, very inexpensive motorcycles are in circulation. The sat nav is still a well made and guaranteed Honda.

And it works!


Navi memory

Despite its small dimensions, the Navi accommodates an adult rider without pinching them and offers a cycling agility that allows it to be maneuvered very easily in the urban environment for which it was designed. Smooth and quiet, its small mechanics allow it to easily blend in with car traffic thanks to the very correct acceleration and the fact that it reaches 70 km/h fairly easily. The sat nav is comfortable (but watch out for potholes), has room for a passenger and even has a handy storage compartment. Aside from braking, which is only adequate for “A to B” around town, it works surprisingly well.

The smallest among the “minis”


The Giorno

Because of their displacement of less than 50cc and their automatic transmission, the Giorno and Ruckus are considered scooters by the SAAQ and can therefore be driven with a car license. Due to this small displacement, however, they only accelerate slightly faster than the grass grows. In slow, dense rush-hour traffic, this is not a problem. On the other hand, since it is difficult to go over 50 km/h (without too much difficulty) at the wheel once the road clears and traffic speeds up, great attention must be paid to the maneuvers of impatient drivers .

The cars”


the grom

With a five-speed manual gearbox and 125cc displacement, the Grom and the grandiose homage to the legendary 1970s Honda Mini Trail, the Monkey, are considered motorcycles by SAAQ and therefore require a good motorcycle license. Both models work so well that they manage to amuse anyone who rides them, including experienced motorcyclists. Since the Monkey can easily reach 80 km/h and the Grom 90 km/h – or even more with a little patience – they circulate easily under cars everywhere except on the motorway.

Food for thought?


The monkey

When you drive around the world you see that others have different rules. For example, in most major European cities, a car driver’s license entitles you to drive a two-wheeler of 125cc or less. You can often park anywhere for free and even squeeze between cars. Perhaps in a big city like Montreal, where there is constant construction and traffic is getting worse, some solutions “from elsewhere” could help improve the situation?



Your real consumption is around 2 liters per 100 km.

With their hint of gummy candy, these little Hondas aren’t immediately taken seriously. In any case, they are well-developed urban means of transport, as inexpensive to buy as they are to the pump. We are talking about a real consumption of about 2 liters per 100 km. That’s a lot of cheap buys, not to mention relieving oil prices. We may see small electric motorcycles, but at these prices? Not sure. Much more than toys, they have the potential to seriously help reduce urban clutter. It is the government’s job to make it easier for them to access it.

Technical worksheet

Brand: Honda
Model: MiniMoto series
Price: Navi: $2299; Giorno: $3299; Crash: $3699; Grom: $3949; Monkey: $5299
Warranty: 1 year/unlimited kilometers
Engine: 49 to 125cc single cylinder, air-cooled
Transmission: Navi, Giorno, Ruckus: automatic, belt final drive; Grom, Monkey: 5-speed, chain final drive
Weight with full tank: Navi: 107 kg; Giorno: 81 kg; crash: 88 kg; Weight: 102kg; Monkey: 105 kg
Brakes front/rear: Navi, Giorno, Ruckus: drum/drum; Grom, monkey: disc/disk
Front tires: Navi: 90/90-12; Giorno: 80/100-10; noise: 120/90-10; Grom: 120/70-12; Monkey: 120/80-12
Rear tires: Navi: 90/100-10; Giorno: 80/100-10; Smash: 130/90-10; Grom: 130/70-12; Monkey: 130/80-12

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