July 8 failure | Calls can’t be routed over Bell and Telus networks, Rogers says

(Toronto) Rogers Communications says it was unable to route calls from its customers through its competitors during the recent major outage that impacted its service earlier this month, despite offers of support from Bell and Telus.

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In a letter submitted to Canada’s Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) on Friday night, the telecoms giant also notes that it could not cut off access to its wireless network, which could have allowed customers to call 911 via call another provider.

This information provides insight into the solutions Rogers considered during the widespread outage that crippled the company’s networks and affected millions of customers across Canada.

When it was unable to route its customers’ calls through its competitors, it was because certain parts of the central system that would have made it possible were affected by the outage. This also explains why he was unable to block access to the radio network.

Rogers argues that its competitors would not have been able to cope with the sudden arrival of tens of millions of mobile subscribers. They would have been overwhelmed by the arrival of a large volume of calls and data transmissions.

The company says it was able to route “thousands” of calls to the 911 emergency number during the outage. The number of customers who could not reach the emergency service is unknown.

Rogers customers made emergency calls over Bell or Telus networks.

The Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had given Rogers until Friday to explain the cause of the outage, the extent of the problem and the actions taken to prevent a similar problem from happening again.

Much of the specific information given to the CRTC has been redacted for security and competitive reasons.

Rogers also states that four alerts, all in Saskatchewan, could not be sent during the outage. One was an RCMP warning of a dangerous person at large and the other three were an Environment Canada warning of a tornado.

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