Basic agreement with the SFPQ | A pay rise for 26,000 civil servants

(Montreal) The agreement in principle between the government and officials represented by the Syndicat de la fonction publique et parapublique du Québec (SFPQ) has been ratified. The majority of members voted to extend the collective agreement.

Posted at 7:49 p.m

In an electronic vote held in recent weeks, more than 69% of members exercised their right to vote and the agreement was approved by 77%.

The agreement affects the 26,000 members of the public sector, including clerks and technicians, from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec and the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

“This agreement makes it possible to initiate a salary catch-up that our members have been waiting for for a long time. After several days of strikes and numerous pressures, we finally got the Legault government to recognize the contribution of public sector personnel to maintaining Quebec’s public services,” SFPQ President General Christian Daigle said in a press release.

Last June, during the agreement on the agreement in principle, Mr Daigle argued that the agreement would help improve working conditions in the public sector in order to solve the problem of labor shortages.

The three-year contract provides for salary increases of between 6% and 10% for civil servants. In addition, there are bonuses for part of the staff and other remuneration in connection with working conditions.

In addition, the revision of the directive on reimbursable travel and other incidental expenses by the employer is currently being discussed, which was not foreseen in the collective agreement.

Political leader of the negotiation and fourth vice-president of the SFPQ, Karine Dextras-Paquette, reiterated that “the fight is not over yet”.

In a statement, she said the union was beginning preparations for the next round of negotiations. The aim is to “improve the working conditions of public service personnel so that they become truly competitive in the current job market,” emphasizes Dextras packet.

The collective bargaining agreement for the SFPQ officers expired on March 31, 2020.

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