Wave of love for Pierre Marcotte

In the interview at Selected Echoes or through social networks, many personalities have paid tribute to Pierre Marcotte. A man of proverbial kindness that we already miss.

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Here are 13 Quebec stars who paid tribute to Pierre Marcotte:

Joel Denis

Archive photo

In 1983, Shirley and Pierre attended the launch of Joël’s LP entitled À fleur de peau.

On July 13, Joël Denis is having dinner with friends when the phone rings. “VAT and The Journal of Montreal called me to confirm Pierre’s death. I learned it that way. Both arms fell off me. It gave me a nasty shot…”

Their friendship began in 1964 when Joël welcomed Pierre to the team youth, at Tele Metropolis. “We had completely different personalities. That brought us together and was our strength. I was the enfant terrible and the rebel who had to send everyone away. Pierre pressed the soft pedal. He had diplomacy that I didn’t have. He knew how to approach people. We got the same result, but he did it with much more finesse. Over the decades, their relationship grew stronger. “He was my great, great friend. He was my brother.”

“Marcotte gave me confidence”

The era of tanner was a milestone for the entertainer, who learned a lot from his partner. “Marcotte was a comedian who was well versed in vaudeville and burlesque. He had a feeling for timed coordination. He was the handyman for the sketches and things were running at full speed for me. In fact, he was the one who introduced me to this type of comedy. I had gone to the right school with Olivier Guimond and La Poune, but Marcotte gave me confidence. When I arrived tanner and when I started creating characters, I felt like I was going to hit the floor. He said to me, “I’ll give it to you!” He was generous.” In 2016 came the tour that brought the three comrades together. “As much as he encouraged me at the beginning tanneras much as I encouraged him afterwards.”

2016 in the make-up room of the children of television.

Photo: Daniel Auclair / TVA Publications

2016 in the make-up room of the children of television.

Joël describes his friend as a bon vivant. A creature of great class who represents values ​​that are important to him. “He was a man loyal to his friends. He was unwaveringly loyal. It’s a rare commodity in this profession. He also had a lot of humility. In his eyes other people were important. He always said, “Why is my business doing well? Because I’m well surrounded.” Peter was beautiful. And true.”

He dedicates a song to her

The man also had a great sensitivity. “If we were together and we wanted to shut up, we’d sit on the floor, we’d hear Aznavour, and we’d both yell. If you wanted to get Pierre to roar, all you had to do was sing to him yesterday again. I surprised him by singing it to him on a Radio Canada show and he cried hot tears.

This summer, Joël will be performing in Saint-Donat on Saturdays. “Just before he died, I was still making jokes about Pierre and his blondes. It’s a number I’ll keep.” He also wrote the song they wentas a tribute to the craftsmen of the time youth now missing. “I will dedicate it to him next Saturday. It’s a big absence for me and for all of Quebec. He was worshiped, this man.”

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Shirley Theroux

Photo: Karine Levesque/Les Productions Charron et cie Inc./TVA Group

“My friends, very sad news of the death of Pierre. The Covid just killed another great Quebecer we all loved. Throughout his career, Pierre knew how to bring you joy and happiness. He liked you very much and had great respect for you, his audience. I am touched by your thoughts and your sweet words of condolence. Bruno-Pierre and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Shirley xx»

(Source: Facebook)

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Winston McQuade

Photo: Dominic Gouin

“Pierre has vigorously defended the aspirations of the entire Quebec artistic community and has always respected his audience as a communicator. I had and still have great respect for this extraordinary colleague.”

(Source: Facebook)

Jacques Boulanger

In 2011 he was invited to Children of TV.  Ten years later, the same plateau was the scene of the reunion between Pierre Marcotte and himself.

Photo: Éric Carrière/Agency QMI

In 2011 he was invited to Children of TV. Ten years later, the same plateau was the scene of the reunion between Pierre Marcotte and himself.

In 1958 Jacques Boulanger made his debut on Radio CHRC. “For me it happened so fast and it was so popular in terms of popularity that I called a show The CHRC fan club. On Saturday afternoons, 300 to 400 girls always came to the show. I introduced all the artists who were moving through Quebec.

The following year, Pierre Marcotte arrived at the station. “After a week I invited him to my show and we became instant friends. My mother had an apartment building on McMahon Street. When I was 17, she gave me a place to live. After a few weeks of friendship, I said to Marcotte: “Come to our house, my mother has a vacant apartment.” He had his studio on the first floor and I had my apartment on the second. During the day we went out or went for a walk. We were always together.”

Also and most importantly, the young Boulanger had a party on Saturdays after every show. “We listened to music and made noise until 4am. It was terrible! Marcotte experienced this when he arrived in Quebec. So we quickly became good friends. He had the same ideas as me. He liked to go out and have fun. We also had the same taste in girls. Sometimes he would say to me, “Tonight a beautiful blonde is coming to my house. She’s going to be with a friend who would like to meet you.” All I had to do was walk down the stairs and I was there. The great freedom of time, we experienced it well!”

Lost then found

Inexplicably, the two friends completely lost touch when Pierre Marcotte settled in Montreal. Even when Jacques Boulanger made the leap into the metropolis, one never gave the other a sign of life. “It’s strange… There has never been cold between us, though. We had our lives and our careers took up a lot of space.” That silence lasted for decades. Then, last year, they found each other thanks to the tv kids, which also hosted Shirley Théroux and Joël Denis. They were very happy with this meeting.

Two weeks before his death, the resident of Saint-Irénée called his old found friend. “We talked for a good hour and a half and it was as if we had left the day before. He said to me, “Jacques, I really want you to come over with Nicole. I have free rooms, I’ll wait for you.” I replied that I like driving, but at 83 I drive less far than I used to. He said to me, “Listen, Boulanger, I’ll send you a driver!” He was excited as always. He used to be like that.”

A regret

He also took the opportunity to invite his friend Jacques to participate in his series The Afternoons by Pierre Marcotte, which he was to present at the Casino de Montréal next fall. “I declined the invitation because my career is behind me, but I wanted to see the show. When I heard of his death, I regretted that we did not see each other… Finally, my condolences to his wife and two sons.”

Louise Latraverse

Photo: Sébastien St-Jean / TVA Publications

“We had to see each other! He reminded of his old girlfriends. “Did he call you back too?” We did not see each other. If an old friend calls you who you haven’t seen in a while, you cancel the other appointments and leave. I told him I would call him back and the unexpected happened. she strips. As we grow older, we run the risk of walking in single file. A gentleman has gone. What a delicious work colleague! We had a good laugh together! He thought I was a bit eccentric with my looks when we hosted mornings together. That irresistible smile and her beautiful blue eyes. Friendly is a beautiful word! He was.”

(Source: Facebook)

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Monique Vermont

Photo: Paul Ducharme

“I have very fond memories of a man who always greeted me on film sets with great respect and camaraderie. He was loved and respected by the general public and by all his friends and collaborators.”

(Source: Twitter)

Valerie Plante

Photo: Toma Iczkovits/Agency QMI

“He will have shaped us both through his presence in the media and through his great generosity.”

(Source: Twitter)

Sophie Stanke

Photo: archive

“Pierre was a true gentleman. Thank you for our beautiful encounters.”

(Source: Twitter)

Roger Giguere

Photo: archive

“He was a friend for 55 years, at the beginning of Télé-Métropole. We were a whole gang that started back then. We never left each other. We always made contacts and visited. We called each other regularly. Whenever Pierre came to Montreal, he always stopped at my house. I saw him again a week before he died. It’s hard to lose a friend like that. At 83, he was old but still in good shape. He was in better shape than me,” concludes his comrade, who is now using a wheelchair.

Patrice Coquereau

Photo: Daniel Auclair

“Have a good rest, dear Pierre, sir and so cultivated. Very happy to have met you.”

(Source: Twitter)

Peter Karl peladeau

Photo: Martin Chevalier / Le Journal de Montreal / Agency QMI

“Pierre Marcotte, a multi-talented gentleman, will have shaped our television and the great years of diversity at Télé-Métropole. The straight man from the flagship show The tanners we will miss it.”

(Source: Twitter)

Stephane Laporte

Photo: Bernard Brault / TVA Publications

“Pierre Marcotte was an animator. Not an actor, not a singer, not a comedian. A host. His talent was knowing how to receive. to be of service to others. His talent was making his guests and audience feel important. He wasn’t the star, he was the friend. Which is much rarer. On TV as in life. Thank you for everything.”

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Danielle Ouimet

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

“The departure of Pierre Marcotte, so sudden, so unexpected, shocks us all because Pierre knew how to make everyone love him. There was no one happier, gentler and more fun than Pierre when we worked with him. If we had a crazy idea during the show, he was quick to tell us to carry it out… It didn’t matter what the original plan of the show was and how much time we stole from it to get the spotlight . […] Recently, no later than two weeks ago, he messaged me on Facebook to send me funny little films to distract me, educate me or amuse me. Or a word to confirm what I said. Not that we aren’t friends; we have always been. But what really touched me was that he took the time to choose topics to distract me.

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