Véronique Claveau succeeds Edith Cochrane in this TV project

A few years ago, Véronique Claveau started gardening with her husband Bryan Audet. This passion is revived thanks to an offer they immediately accepted: to animate the third season of together It’s more than a garden. The singer-hostess is set to have a great family adventure with her two children, aged almost 3 and 5, and is thrilled to be returning to the musical thanks to Annie.

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Veronique, the show Anne will keep you busy all summer, but you’ll also be shooting.
Yes, the musical is what I’m doing the most at the moment, but Bryan and I are shooting the third season of It’s more than a garden. Edith Cochrane and Emmanuel Bilodeau passed the torch to us. The theme is the suburbs. We will sow, volunteer, engage in community projects, plant elsewhere. We will try to maximize the space.

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Her lover Bryan Audet and she, who already has a vegetable garden at home, take over from Edith Cochrane and Emmanuel Bilodeau in season 3 of It’s more than a garden.

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What is your goal with this show?
We’re not trying to become self-sufficient and zero-waste, but we do want to be a little bit more self-sufficient. The first two seasons took place in families. This year it takes place in a primary school in Saint-Bruno. The project follows all phases, from seed to compost. Students can grow their vegetables and cook in the fall. It’s a great project!

Are you planning to involve your children in the project?
Yes, our children will be part of it, but they live their lives. Sometimes they are with the neighbors or with the grandparents. They are almost 3 and 5 years old. My son will start kindergarten in the fall. It happens to us, but they will not always be present. We have also accepted this project as a family for our children. Even when they are young, it allows us to pass on to them values ​​that are close to our hearts. We don’t force anything on the children. Everything happens naturally. It’s a positive project in every way.

Have the children you see gardening developed a certain curiosity about this activity?
Yes, because even before this fair we had our garden bins for four years. This year we used a piece of land to plant a vegetable garden. There are tomatoes, cucumbers and beans, but we go further. We grow other vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and celeriac. A gardener even comes to sow heirloom vegetables. When vegetables end up on our plates, we really appreciate them. I would even say they are better! We want to inspire people to do the same, but on a small scale.

You said earlier that your boy is going to kindergarten. Is mom ready for this step?
Yes, I’m ready, because life is good. She ensures that we come to this step. We’re often told to enjoy it because time is running out, and it’s true. At the same time, my son is ready in his head. He can’t wait to go to school and he’s talking about it. He sees the young people with their backpacks walking past on the street in front of the house. We explained to him that we had enrolled him in kindergarten. Leon is eager to learn. There’s a little dizziness deep inside me, but I’m aware it’s a must. We’ve all been through that. I’m happy that he’s developing well. I am convinced that we will have a good comeback.

Is the little one still a long way from this stage?
Yes, my daughter goes to daycare and we still have two years. He’s a big baby, but he’s a baby. Let’s say I don’t mourn my early childhood…

Can you enjoy a little family vacation in your busy summer?
I’ll be able to enjoy my days with the kids, but I won’t be able to leave the city except during the transition between Montreal and Quebec, where Anne will be presented in August. My boyfriend is on radio vacation in July and August. He’s the one who takes over with the kids. With the musical, my boyfriend being on the radio full time and filming for the show, our schedule is packed. The advantage is that we are at home together because it is a family project.

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You recently took part in a promotion for the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. Want to get your kids moving?
Secure! I’ve always loved physical activity. It helped me a lot in school. I liked studying and also physical education. When I was in elementary school, I always looked forward to my physical education class. I liked showing off. I also liked the social aspect. It only produces positive things. It is good to encourage our children to exercise but without pushing them. Ours are not overstimulated, but we motivate them to exert themselves physically.

Véronique, between the career, the children, the garden and the sport, the plate is obviously full!
(laughs) To be honest, I am very satisfied with what is happening here, because we are in a good professional phase. My friend is happy on the radio. He has studied in practice and is in his element. It’s an opportunity. We enjoy this time and enjoy it. For my part, I’m playing in a musical, which I haven’t done for a long time. I’m a gang girl It’s a great project and I love working with Serge Denoncourt. I couldn’t turn down the role! We talked about it, my friend and I, because we knew it was going to be time consuming. However, I will be pedaling softer in the fall. I will work but a little slower because I want to find some balance.

See Véronique Claveau in Annie – The Musical presented at the Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal until July 31, then at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec from August 12 to September 4 (hahaha.com).
She will moderate with Bryan Audet
It’s more than a gardenon Unis TV next spring.

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