Jordan Peele’s Ben Non: What a disappointment!

Does Jordan Peele’s new film live up to its Excellent? go out and Us ? The title suggested the answer: well, no.

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The expectations for this were high well no (Where boop, in its original version). Very big even. Eventually, Jordan Peele quickly established himself as one of the new masters of the seventh art by consistently hitting the mark with his go out and Us. These two titles are now references in the realm of horror, both for their finesse and their effectiveness in creating situations of pure and hard horror, often without much artifice.

more ambitious

But by presenting today his most ambitious project to date, the American filmmaker shows that his genius is far better served with smaller films, in which the psychological aspect and the acting of the actors take precedence over bombast and elaborate visual effects.

This time it’s on a California ranch where he houses his property, a place where strange and inexplicable phenomena are rampant. A horse breeder and his sister will attempt to unravel the mystery of this malevolent presence in heaven themselves.

Difficult to reveal more without revealing the detours of the plot, which Jordan Peele – true to his habit – has kept secret with great care since the announcement of this project. He continues to weave a dense and hazy mystery throughout the first act well nowhich gives moviegoers more questions than answers.

lack of finesse

But when we clung to each other almost immediately go out and Us, it takes us much, much longer to stick to this new proposal. And that’s because Ben doesn’t sorely lack that finesse, that subtlety that’s made Jordan Peele’s reputation.

Surely, at the end of the day, we are entitled to comment on modern-day obsessions, the thirst for recognition and fame that characterizes our times. However, all of this is done in such a crude, unoriginal way that once the credits have come in, we won’t push the reflection any further.

We also heard several viewers admit at the end of the film’s premiere that they hadn’t understood certain – or even several – elements of well no. And we bet they won’t be particularly tempted to afford a second viewing to try and answer their questions.

well no ★★1⁄2

  • A film by Jordan Peele
  • Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Brandon Perea. On the screen

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