“Destroyed”, PA Méthot reacts to allegations against Philippe Bond

Hosting at the show all summer long Dupont on vacation FM93, in Quebec, comedian PA Méthot reacted to the Philippe Bond affair on Thursday.

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I’m devastated this morning for a number of reasons, he said on air. The first is that Philippe Bond is one of mine friends. It’s like I got cheated on by my girlfriend this morning. I hurt because I think to myself: Is there something I haven’t paid attention to? Because we were together very often for 20 years. And on the head of my father and my daughter, because people will ask me, I have never, ever, ever seen inappropriate behavior on the part of Philippe Bond in my presence.

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“Among those who have testified, there are people I know very well and I have absolutely no doubts about the veracity of what they can say,” he continues. Mathilde Lauer [l’une des femmes qui ont témoigné dans le dossier de La Presse], we have often worked together. He is someone I love very much. And I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of his words. And even less of the honesty of this girl.

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“I will never condone, I will never defend anyone who has committed acts like those for which they are accused. I will never approve of that. […] I think it’s good that he’s withdrawing from public life. Because that’s where it gets difficult. In the next few days it will be very, very difficult. If he’s ill-advised in all of this, that’s where he makes mistakes.

“I could never say I hate Philippe Bond. I had wonderful times with him. i had a lot fun. We worked together. It was always amazing. Do I blame him for these alleged gestures? I have no respect for people who treat others like that.”

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